Why Elden Ring Sucks - A Critical Analysis of the Disappointing Game!

Why Elden Ring Sucks – A Critical Analysis of the Disappointing Game!

Discovering why Elden Ring sucks can be a challenging experience for its devoted fans. However, it’s important to recognize the game’s significant flaws, including its problematic gameplay and unsatisfying endgame.

While some positives exist, like a good soundtrack and unique enemies, Elden Ring is ultimately overrated, especially among GameFaqs users. In the end, the game fails to meet its high expectations, leaving players contemplating its letdowns.

However, after playing Elden Ring for hours, I can confidently say it falls short of expectations. Despite its promising premise and impressive graphics, the game ultimately fails to deliver an engaging experience.

This article will explore why Elden Ring sucks as a game and its shortcomings in gameplay, world-building, character development, story coherence, and technical issues.

Exploring the Flaws of Elden Ring: Why Elden Ring Sucks!

Exploring the Flaws of Elden Ring Why Elden Ring Sucks!
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Discovering why Elden Ring doesn’t live up to the hype can be a disappointing experience for its passionate fans. Here are the key issues that contribute to its shortcomings:

The Gameplay is Boring

Elden Ring’s gameplay is one of the main reasons why the game falls short of expectations. Many players have reported feeling bored and uninterested in the game after just a few hours of playtime.

  • I’m not alone in feeling this way – many players have expressed similar sentiments on forums and social media platforms reddit.com.
  • While some may argue that the difficulty of Souls games steamcommunity.com is what makes them enjoyable, Elden Ring fails to deliver in this aspect as well. The lack of innovation in gameplay mechanics only adds to the overall boredom of the game.

The combat system, a staple of FromSoftware games, feels clunky and lacks the fluidity that players have come to expect from modern action RPGs. The game’s difficulty, often praised in other FromSoftware titles, feels artificial and forced in Elden Ring.

The World is Uninspired

The World is Uninspired
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As an avid gamer, I was excited to hear about the release of Elden Ring.

  • However, upon playing the game, I found the world uninspired and lackluster.
  • The open-world map felt empty and devoid of any real substance. The landscapes were repetitive and lacked unique features that would make them stand out.
  • Furthermore, the game’s environments lacked interactivity, making it feel like a static backdrop rather than a living world.
  • There were no dynamic weather systems or day/night cycles to add depth to the gameplay experience.
  • Elden Ring’s world felt like a missed opportunity for From Software to create an immersive and engaging environment for players to explore.

The Characters are unlikable

The Characters are unlikable
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As an avid gamer, the characters are one of the most important aspects of a game for me.

  • Unfortunately, in Elden Ring, the characters are unlikable and forgettable.
  • From the protagonist to the NPCs, a lack of depth and development makes it hard to care about their stories or motivations.
  • Many players have expressed similar sentiments on Reddit and Steam Community forums.
  • They feel the characters lack personality and are simply there to move the plot. One user on Reddit even went as far as saying that “Endgame Elden Ring is horrible”.
  • Overall, the lack of compelling characters in Elden Ring is a major flaw that detracts from the overall experience of playing the game.

The Story is incoherent

The Story is incoherent
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The story in Elden Ring is one of the most disappointing aspects of the game.

  • It’s not that the story itself is bad, but how it’s presented to the player is incoherent and confusing.
  • The game relies heavily on item descriptions and vague dialogue to convey its lore, which can be frustrating for players who want a more straightforward narrative.
  • Players on Reddit have expressed their frustration with the storytelling in Elden Ring, with one user stating that “the storytelling in this game is utter garbage.”
  • Another player on GameFAQs claimed they felt like they had fun only 10% of the time during their 80-hour playthrough because of how poorly the story was presented.
  • Elden Ring’s story feels disjointed and difficult to follow.
  • While some players may enjoy piecing together the lore through item descriptions and dialogue, others may find it too convoluted to appreciate fully.

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The Graphics are Uninspired

As much as we would like to give Elden Ring the benefit of the doubt, it’s hard to ignore that the graphics are uninspired.

  • Many gamers have criticized the game’s main overworld area for its lack of detail and poor art design.
  • The game’s visuals fail to impress, especially when compared to other AAA games released in recent years.
  • Additionally, Elden Ring has been plagued with PC performance issues, including mouse sensitivity problems that make it difficult to navigate menus and move the camera.
  • These issues only serve to further detract from an already underwhelming visual experience.
  • Elden Ring falls short in terms of graphics and design.
  • While some argue that gameplay is more important than visuals, it’s hard to fully immerse oneself in a game when the world around them feels lackluster and uninteresting.

The Multiplayer is Unsatisfying

The Multiplayer is Unsatisfying
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The multiplayer aspect of Elden Ring is one of the most disappointing features of the game.

According to various Reddit threads,

Players have reported that they cannot use their horse in multiplayer, and their location is not saved between single-player and multiplayer modes.

This can frustrate players who want to seamlessly transition between modes without losing progress.

  • Additionally, the PvP multiplayer has received criticism for being unbalanced and lacking honor and respect.
  • Many players feel that the game’s balancing is a serious problem, with nearly 80% of survey respondents claiming that they either felt the game was very unbalanced or somewhat unbalanced.
  • This lack of balance can make it difficult for players to enjoy PvP battles, leading to frustration and disappointment.
  • The unsatisfying multiplayer experience in Elden Ring adds to why this game falls short of expectations.

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The Game is buggy

As if the lackluster gameplay and uninspired world weren’t enough, Elden Ring is also plagued with numerous bugs that frustrate the game.

  • Players have reported issues with essential NPCs and tools being entirely missable, which is a significant problem in an open-world game.
  • Additionally, there are problems with the game’s mechanics being too slow for such a large map, making it difficult to navigate and complete quests.
  • Another issue that players have encountered is related to the game’s magic system.
  • Players may not realize they are out of FP (focus points) when attempting to use spells or abilities, but their character will still go through the motions of casting the spell without any effect
  • These bugs detract from the experience of playing Elden Ring and can make it feel like a chore rather than an enjoyable pastime.
  • Furthermore, Elden Ring has been plagued by launch issues that have affected players across all platforms.
  • These issues include crashes, freezes, and other technical glitches that hinder gameplay.
  • Overall, these bugs add to the list of reasons why Elden Ring falls short as a game.


In conclusion, Elden Ring is a game that fails to deliver on its promises. From the uninspired world to the unlikeable characters and incoherent story, it falls short in every aspect.

The gameplay is tedious and repetitive, leaving players feeling bored and unengaged. The numerous bugs and glitches make for a frustrating experience that only adds to the disappointment.

Overall, Elden Ring is a game that simply does not live up to its hype and fails to provide an enjoyable gaming experience. This game will be quickly forgotten by gamers who are looking for something more engaging and fulfilling.


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