Why Does Blaidd Turn Hostile In Elden Ring

Why Does Blaidd Turn Hostile In Elden Ring? – Let Us Make It Clear!

In the captivating world of Elden Ring, filled with mystery and excitement, players come across a fascinating character named Blaidd.

Blaidd turns hostile when players complete Ranni’s questline in Elden Ring. Once the quest is finished, players must face Blaidd in battle and defeat him to progress. Slaying Blaidd allows players to acquire his powerful greatsword and armor as valuable rewards.

This guide aims to shed light on the reasons behind Blaidd’s sudden hostility, exploring the lore and captivating narrative that unfolds within the game. Prepare to embark on a journey of discovery as we delve into the enigmatic transformation of Blaidd.

Why Does Blaidd Turn Hostile? – A Detailed Guide For You Guys!

Blaidd plays a crucial role in the captivating story of Elden Ring. This section explores how Blaidd changes from a loyal guardian to a powerful enemy, uncovering the reasons behind his hostility. It provides valuable insights into what drives his transformation.

Blaidd: The Protector with a Dark Secret

Blaidd, a character in Elden Ring half-man and half-wolf character found in Mistwood Ruins, initially appears as a noble protector with a solemn duty. This dark secret shrouds Blaidd’s actions and contributes to his descent into hostility. 

To encounter him for the first time, a man will ask you to snap your fingers upon hearing a howl, which summons Blaidd.While Blaidd’s questline is known for its cool and rewarding nature, there are instances where he may turn hostile and attack you. Here are some possible reasons behind his aggression:

  • Misunderstanding or Provocation: Blaidd may interpret your actions or words as a threat or provocation, leading him to become hostile. It’s important to be mindful of your interactions with him to avoid triggering his aggressive behavior.
  • Betrayal or Broken Trust: Blaidd’s hostility could stem from a perceived betrayal or a loss of trust. If you have made choices or taken actions that compromise his loyalty or belief in your character, he may turn against you.
  • Alignment with Factions or Characters: Blaidd’s allegiance may be tied to specific factions or characters within the game. If your choices or actions align with rival factions or individuals he opposes, he may see you as an enemy and attack accordingly.
  • Driven by Madness or Dark Forces: Blaidd’s transformation into a hostile entity could be the result of external influences, such as a curse, dark magic, or madness. These factors can corrupt his mind and turn him into an adversary you must face.

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Ranni’s Questline: A Betrayal That Shattered Bonds

  • Ranni’s questline in Elden Ring reveals a profound betrayal that shatters the bonds between characters. As players progress through the questline, they uncover a dramatic turn of events where Ranni, once trusted and closely connected to others, betrays them. 
  • This betrayal disrupts the harmony and trust among the characters, leaving a deep impact on their relationships and setting the stage for further conflicts and consequences within the game’s narrative.
  • Defeating Blaidd becomes a necessary part of concluding Ranni’s questline. This turn of events is intricately tied to the game’s lore, which will be explored further in the following section.

Reasons for Blaidd’s Hostility – The Breaking Point

  1. Assigned Protectorship by the Two Fingers

Blaidd’s role as Ranni’s protector was bestowed upon him by the Two Fingers, who acted as interpreters for the Greater Will in Elden Ring.

  1. Ranni’s Revolt Against the Two Fingers

The turning point in Blaidd’s transformation occurs when Ranni rebels against the Two Fingers, challenging their authority and plans.

  1. Blaidd’s Descent into Insanity

As Ranni distances herself from the Two Fingers, Blaidd’s mental state begins to deteriorate, pushing him further into a state of madness.

  1. Completion of Ranni’s Quest and Abandonment

The player’s successful completion of Ranni’s quest establishes them as her trusted consort, while Blaidd is left feeling discarded and purposeless.

  1. Heartbreak and Resentment

Blaidd’s heartbreak, combined with his unraveling sanity, fuels his determination to confront and challenge the player, leading to his hostility.

Prepare for a fierce encounter with Blaidd, driven by a complex mix of heartbreak, insanity, and resentment as he seeks to prove his worth and find his place in the ever-unfolding world of Elden Ring.

Additional Reasons: Unveiling the Layers

  • Attacking Blaidd

As players confront him head-on, they witness the full extent of his transformation and gain a deeper understanding of the depths of his anger. 

Blaidd’s relentless attacks and aggressive behavior during these encounters reflect his deteriorated mental state and the deep-seated resentment that has consumed him. 

  • Killing Runebears

Another contributing factor to Blaidd’s hostility lies in the significance of encounters with Runebears. These formidable creatures hold a special place within the game’s lore and gameplay mechanics. 

The player’s actions, such as defeating Runebears, may amplify Blaidd’s aggression and reinforce his belief in his role as a powerful adversary. 

By exploring these additional reasons, players gain a more comprehensive understanding of Blaidd’s hostility.

Summing Up The Article:

In Elden Ring, players encounter Blaidd, a once-loyal guardian turned hostile. Completing Ranni’s questline triggers Blaidd’s aggression, leading to a challenging battle. 

His transformation is driven by betrayal, broken trust, and a descent into madness. Direct confrontations and encounters with Runebears amplify his hostility. Defeat Blaidd to acquire his powerful gear and uncover the depths of his enigmatic character. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can Blaidd’s hostility be avoided in Elden Ring?

No, Blaidd’s transformation into a hostile adversary is an integral part of the game’s narrative and cannot be avoided. Players must face the challenge head-on.

2. Are there any hints or clues within the game that foreshadow Blaidd’s descent into madness?

Yes, Elden Ring is known for its intricate storytelling and subtle hints scattered throughout the world. Observant players may notice cryptic clues that allude to Blaidd’s impending transformation.

3. Is defeating Blaidd a necessary step in progressing through the game?

No, defeating Blaidd is not a mandatory requirement to progress in the main storyline. However, the battle offers valuable rewards and adds depth to the overall experience.

4. What strategies are effective in defeating Blaidd in combat?

Blaidd is a formidable opponent, requiring skill and strategy to overcome. Players are advised to study his attack patterns, exploit weaknesses, and utilize their arsenal effectively to emerge victorious.

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