Who Is Millicent Elden Ring?

Who Is Millicent Elden Ring? – Unlock the truth today!

Millicent Elden Ring has become really popular lately, fascinating both gamers and lore fans. But who is Millicent Elden Ring, exactly?

Are you curious about Millicent. Well, get ready to chill out because this article is packed with amazing facts about her!

Millicent is a character in Elden Ring who has a quest line for players. By completing this quest, players can obtain valuable items. 

Millicent is a young woman suffering from an incurable illness called Scarlet Rot. Gowry will ask players to find Millicent and try to cure her of Scarlet Rot.

In this article, we will delve into the depths of this mysterious character and shed light on the secrets surrounding her. So, fasten your seatbelts as we embark on an exciting journey of discovery.

Detailed Guidue About Millicent In Elden Ring!

Millicent Elden Ring is a character in the video game Elden Ring.Millicent is a young woman afflicted with Scarlet Rot disease. Gowry has tasked players with locating her to cure her. 

Completing her questline can reward players with valuable items.Apart from being a helpful NPC, Millicent can also be encountered as an NPC Invader in the Swamp of Aeonia at all times of the day. 

She has light armor and is skilled in using a Shamshir, with the Waterfowl Dance skill, similar to Malenia. Make the most of your Elden Ring gaming experience by taking advantage of Millicent’s questline and skills. 

Unlock Her Potential as a Summon Cooperator and More!

Who Is Millicent Elden Ring?
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  • Millicent Elden Ring is a powerful ally in your journey. To summon her for boss fights, you need to complete specific tasks.Learn more about this intriguing character and unlock her potential as a Summon Cooperator during specific boss battles
  • For instance, to summon Millicent Elden Ring for the Godskin Apostle boss fight, you must offer her the Valkyrie’s Prosthesis. Similarly, for the Draconic Tree Sentinel boss fight, you need to provide her with the same and defeat the Godskin Apostle in Windmill Village.
  • Moreover, you can call her for the Black Blade Kindred boss fight, but only after you progress in her questline and defeat Godskin Apostle in Windmill Village. Her summon sign will be available north of the Statue of Marika in the Forbidden Lands.
  • Note that despite her dialogue indicating otherwise, Millicent Elden Ring doesn’t appear as a summon for Commander Niall.Players are sent on a quest to find Millicent in an attempt to cure her of this disease. 
  • As players progress through her questline, they can unlock her as an NPC Summon Cooperator during specific boss battles. Additionally, Millicent can also be encountered as an NPC Invader.

Here’s the information organized in a table:

LocationHp Runes Drops
Caelid (Church of the Plague/Gowry’s Shack)15152000
Caelid (invader)1515316Sacramental Bud x5
Golden Rune 3
Golden Rune 5
Golden Rune 10
Ruin-Strewn Precipice (co operator vs Magma Wyrm Makar)17172000
Altus Plateau (Erdtree Gazing Hill)31072000Millicent’s Prosthesis (after giving her Valkyrie’s Prosthesis)
Altus Plateau (co operator vs Godskin Apostle)
Altus Plateau (co operator vs Draconic Tree Sentinel)
Forbidden Lands (co operator vs Black Blade Kindred)
Mountaintops of the Giants31072000Millicent’s Prosthesis
Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree46852000Millicent’s Prosthesis
Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree (fighting Millicent with her sisters)6014Millicent’s Prosthesis

Where To Find Her Millicent Elden Ring? – Must Check Out This!

To find Millicent, players must first speak with Gowry, who can be found at Gowry’s Shack located between the Sellia Gateway and Sellia, Town of Sorcery in Caelid. He will ask players to embark on a journey to find Millicent and help cure her of Scarlet Rot .

You can initially find her at the Church of the Plague, located towards the northeast direction from Gowry’s Shack. 

  • To reach her, you must light the first two braziers in Sellia, Town of Sorcery, and then progress up the stairs towards the Sellia Backstreets site of grace, which unlocks the barrier. 

From there, climb up the mountain to the Church of the Plague, where she’ll be waiting next to the site of grace. 

  • After providing her with the Unalloyed Gold Needle, she moves to Gowry’s Shack. 

Additionally, Millicent can also be found in southern Altus Plateau, and after defeating Godskin 

  • Apostle, she can be found near the newly visible grace at the northern end of Windmill Village.

It’s important to note that Millicent is an NPC who moves and can also be fought. If defeated as an NPC, she drops 6,000 runes and Millicent’s Prosthesis (after moving to Windmill Village). 

  • She also appears as an NPC invader in the southeast of the Swamp of Aeonia, near the geysers and the Commander O’Neil boss fight.

If defeated as an invader, she drops: Sacramental Bud x5,Golden Rune [3],Golden Rune [5],Golden Rune [10],316 Runes.

Millicent Questline: How To Complete Millicent’s Quest

Who Is Millicent Elden Ring?
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Millicent Elden Ring is a character in Elden Ring with a questline related to Gowry. She can be found as an NPC Invader in the Aeonia Swamp.

Completing her questline involves helping her to heal from Scarlet Rot and discovering secrets about Sellia. 

Here’s how to complete Millicent’s questline:

  • Speak with Gowry in his shack and he will ask you to help heal Millicent by seeking out an Unalloyed Gold Needle from Commander O’Neil in the Aeonia Swamp. Once you give the needle to Gowry, he’ll give you Sellia’s Secret and Polyanna’s summon sign.
  • Bring the repaired needle to Millicent at the Church of the Plague, and after using it, she will gift you the Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom. Return to Gowry’s shack to purchase spells from him.
  • After giving Millicent the Valkyrie’s Prosthesis, she can be summoned to fight Magma Wyrm Makar in the Ruin-Strewn Precipice, the Black Blade Kindred boss in Forbidden Lands, and Millicent’s Sisters in the Prayer Room site of grace.
  • To complete the quest, use the Unalloyed Gold Needle at the flower in Malenia’s arena to receive Miquella’s Needle and a Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone. Note that killing Gowry at any point will result in the loss of the ability to purchase spells from him.

In A Nutshell:

In conclusion, Millicent Elden Ring is a fascinating character in the world of Elden Ring, captivating gamers and lore enthusiasts alike.

As players embark on her questline, they will uncover the mysteries surrounding her, aid in her search for a cure from Scarlet Rot, and unlock her potential as a powerful Summon Cooperator during boss battles.

 With valuable items to be obtained and secrets to be revealed, the journey with Millicent promises an exciting and rewarding experience in the realm of Elden Ring.





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