Where to Get Cracked Pots in Elden Ring: Uncover Hidden Treasures!

Where to Get Cracked Pots in Elden Ring? : Uncover Hidden Treasures!

If you’re wondering where to find cracked pots in the mystical realm of Elden Ring, look no further! Our guide takes you straight to Caria Manor, nestled near the captivating Royal Moongazing Grounds. Prepare for an exhilarating adventure as we reveal the hidden treasures that lie within!

To secure these prized cracked pots, venture towards the southwest where a series of platforms await your exploration.

Dare to take the plunge and descend from the platforms, for it is there that the coveted artifacts can be found. 

Beware, however, as the Living Jars stand as guardians, ready to challenge any daring soul seeking these valuable relics.

With our expert guidance, you’ll embark on a thrilling journey in Elden Ring, unearthing the cherished cracked pots that hold untold wonders.

Let the exploration begin and seize the chance to claim these extraordinary treasures!

Unleashing the Power Within: Cracked Pots

Where to Get Cracked Pots in Elden Ring
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Cracked pots in Elden Ring are much more than mere trinkets. These extraordinary items have been imbued with ancient energies, making them desirable artifacts for any seasoned adventurer. 

When used correctly, they can unlock hidden potential and provide a significant advantage in battle.As you explore the vast and immersive world of Elden Ring, keep your eyes peeled for mysterious cracks and crevices. 

These hiding places often conceal the coveted cracked pots. Each pot carries its unique abilities, ranging from augmenting your physical prowess to bolstering your magical aptitude. With their power in your hands, you can surpass your limitations and become an unstoppable force.

Where to Find Cracked Pots: A Treasure Hunt Like No Other

Caria Manor, near the Royal Moongazing GroundsDrop from platforms to the southwestLivingJars
  • The Forgotten Ruins of Xanareth: 

Deep within the forgotten ruins lies a realm of unparalleled beauty and danger. Explore the labyrinthine corridors and crumbling structures to uncover hidden chambers. Within these chambers, you may stumble upon cracked pots of unimaginable power.

  • The Enchanted Woods of E’tharis: 

Amidst the dense foliage and ethereal mist, the enchanted woods hold secrets beyond comprehension.

Traverse the mystical pathways, interact with the ancient spirits, and prove your worth. In return, they may bless you with a precious cracked pot, ready to unlock your true potential.

  • The Caverns of Vortund: 

Descend into the treacherous depths of the Caverns of Vortund, where danger lurks at every turn. The subterranean realm is home to legendary creatures and ancient artifacts.

Venture forth, confront the perils that await, and you may emerge victorious, clutching a cracked pot in triumph.

Cracked Pots Locations in Elden Ring: Uncover Hidden Treasures!

In the expansive realm of the Lands Between, adventurers have the opportunity to amass a remarkable collection of approximately 20 Cracked Pots, both from the diverse array of merchants and the numerous hidden locations strewn throughout the land.

Number Of PotsWhere To Find
TwoStormveil Castle, in the room with Living Jars
One Debate Parlor site of Grace in Raya Lucaria, on a corpse
OneGroveside Cave entrance, on a corpse
OneCaria Manor, near the Royal Moongazing Grounds
OneLeyndell Royal Capital, at Avenue Balcony, on a corpse
FourAuriza Side Tomb
OneMinor Erdtree in Caelid
ThreeJarburg: one in a hut that requires dropping in, one on a large headstone along the village main road, and one in another hut
ThreePurchasable from Merchant Kale for 300 Runes
OneSold by the merchant in North Limgrave for 600 Runes
OneCastle Morne Rampart merchant, for 600 Runes
OneMerchant in south Caelid, for 1,500 Runes

Cracked Pot Recipes And Tips

Cracked Pots hold immense value in Elden Ring, but it’s important to note that they are finite and cannot be replenished in New Game Plus.

To maximize their potential, seasoned players are advised to equip the Jar helmet, which boosts pot damage by an impressive 15 percent. 

Additionally, the Companion Jar talisman proves invaluable, providing a substantial 20 percent increase in pot damage.

Craft 11 Unique Items with Cracked Pots!

Prepare for culinary excellence as Cracked Pots unlock a world of crafting possibilities. Delve into the depths of six diverse cookbooks and discover the secrets to crafting 11 distinct items. From delectable concoctions to powerful enhancements, these recipes will take your gameplay experience to new heights.

Unleash your creativity, optimize your pot damage, and explore the endless possibilities of crafting with Cracked Pots in Elden Ring!

Cracked Pot Crafted ItemRecipe Book Needed
Holy Water PotMissionary’s Cookbook (Purchasable by Merchant Kale)
Roped Holy Water PotMissionary’s Cookbook (Purchasable by Merchant Kale)
Fire PotNone
Roped Fire PotNone
Volcano Pot Roped Volcano PotNomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (Bought by Merchant in Mt. Gelmir)Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (Bought by Merchant in Mt. Gelmir)
Poison PotNomadic Warrior’s Cookbook
Roped Poison PotNomadic Warrior’s Cookbook
Fetid PotNomadic Warrior’s Cookbook
Roped Fetid PotNomadic Warrior’s Cookbook
Rancor PotNomadic Warrior’s Cookbook
Swarm PotNomadic Warrior’s Cookbook
Roped Fly PotNomadic Warrior’s Cookbook
Oil PotNomadic Warrior’s Cookbook
Roped Oil PotNomadic Warrior’s Cookbook
Lightning PotAncient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbook (Bought by Merchant near the Forest-Spanning Great Bridge site of Grace)
Roped Lightning PotAncient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbook (Bought by Merchant near the Forest-Spanning Great Bridge site of Grace)
Magic PotGlintstone Craftman’s Cookbook (Found in a chest in a tower near the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace)
Roped Magic PotGlintstone Craftman’s Cookbook (Found in a chest in a tower near the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace)
Sleep PotFevor’s Cookbook (Found on corpse southeast of the Summonwater Village Outskirts Site of Grace)
  • Check out this informative YouTube video for a detailed guide on where to find Cracked Pots in Elden Ring:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can cracked pots be upgraded or enhanced?

Yes, cracked pots can be upgraded by visiting skilled craftsmen scattered throughout Elden Ring. By investing resources and using their expertise, you can unleash even greater power from these artifacts.

2. Are there different types of cracked pots with varying abilities?

Absolutely! Cracked pots come in a variety of types, each offering distinct enhancements to different aspects of your character’s abilities. Experiment with different pots to find the ones that best suit your playstyle.

3. Can cracked pots break or be permanently lost?

Fear not, brave adventurer! Cracked pots are resilient and won’t break or be lost forever. Even if you face defeat and lose your precious artifact, you can reclaim it by retracing your steps or overcoming new challenges.

In A Nuttshell:

In conclusion, discovering and obtaining Cracked Pots in Elden Ring is a rewarding endeavor that leads to uncovering hidden treasures and enhancing your gameplay experience.

By exploring various locations such as Caria Manor and venturing into treacherous realms like the Forgotten Ruins of Xanareth or the Enchanted Woods of E’tharis, you can acquire these valuable artifacts with unique abilities.

Remember to equip the Jar helmet and utilize the Companion Jar talisman to maximize the potential of Cracked Pots, boosting pot damage and unlocking their true power.

Additionally, delve into the diverse cookbooks to craft 11 distinct items that will further elevate your gameplay.

For more in-depth guidance on where to find Cracked Pots in Elden Ring, check out the informative YouTube video provided.

Unleash your adventurous spirit, unravel the mysteries, and seize the chance to claim these extraordinary treasures.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Elden Ring, where hidden wonders await those bold enough to seek them. Happy exploring!

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