Where To Find Sacramental Bud Elden Ring

Where To Find Sacramental Bud Elden Ring? – Everything You Need To Know!

If you’re a passionate player of Elden Ring, the highly anticipated action role-playing game, you may be on the lookout for the valuable resource known as Sacramental Bud.

In Elden Ring, you can find Sacramental Buds in the Church of the Plague. You can obtain 7 Sacramental Buds inside and eight outside the Church of the Plague. 

Additionally, you can find 2 Sacramental Buds on a corpse northwest of the Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank Site of Grace.

These buds are valuable items that can aid you in surviving the challenging world of Elden Ring.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the various locations where you can find Sacramental Bud within the immersive world of Elden Ring.

Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced player, this article will provide you with the information you need to enhance your gameplay.

What is Sacramental Bud in Elden Ring? –  For Those Who Are Unaware!

Sacramental Bud is a rare and sought-after resource in Elden Ring. It is a sacred plant with unique properties, making it highly valuable for alchemical purposes.

Sacramental Bud is used in crafting potent potions, enhancing weapons, and unlocking secret paths and hidden areas. 

As you explore the vast world of Elden Ring, gathering Sacramental Bud can significantly aid your progress and provide you with a competitive edge.

Step By Step Guide – Where To Find Sacramental Bud Elden Ring!

Where To Find Sacramental Bud Elden Ring
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1. Caelid:

Venture northeast of the Smoldering Wall site of grace, near the Giant Crow, to find a Sacramental Bud.

Additionally, around the Church of the Plague, a total of 15 Sacramental Buds can be found: 7 inside the church and 8 in the graveyard just outside. 

Another opportunity to acquire Sacramental Buds presents itself northwest of the Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank site of grace, where you’ll find two buds on a corpse sitting in a chair.

2. Altus Plateau:

South of the Bower of Bounty site of grace, a solitary Sacramental Bud awaits discovery. 

Journey to Writheblood Ruins and explore within to uncover 9 Sacramental Buds or head southeast to find two more. Keep an eye out for 10 Sacramental Buds in the vicinity of the Amber Starlight.

3. Mt. Gelmir:

Close to Nomadic Merchant On a different cliff, close to the Nomadic Merchant

Reach it by crossing the rope bridge from Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite, descending the ladder to the northeast, and heading south

1. Cliff Below Nomadic Merchant: 4 Sacramental Buds found on a cliff below the Nomadic Merchant.

2. East of Corpse-Stench Shack: 4 Sacramental Buds hidden among small mounds of corpses east of the Corpse-Stench Shack.

3. Hermit Village: Visit the Hermit Village to discover 6 Sacramental Buds

4. Sacramental Buds can be found to the southwest

5. Sacramental Buds are located on a cliff to the northeast

6. East of Wyndham Catacombs Entrance: East of the Wyndham Catacombs entrance, you’ll find 4 Sacramental Buds.

7. Near Base of Watchtower: 3 Sacramental Buds are located near the base of the watchtower, west of the First Mt. Gelmir Campsite

8. Cliffs Behind Fort Laiedd: Explore the cliffs behind Fort Laiedd to gather 4 Sacramental Buds.

9. Within Mt. Gelmir: Within Mt. Gelmir, guarded by two-foot soldiers, you can uncover 3 Sacramental Buds.

Area West of Minor Erdtree: In an area west of the Minor Erdtree in Mt. Gelmir, surrounded by bow-wielding Marionette Soldiers, gather 4 Sacramental Buds.

4. Leyndell Catacombs:

Next to the boss door lever, you will find 2 Sacramental Buds.

5. Mohgwyn Palace:

Head north of the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance site of grace to discover 1 Sacramental Bud.

6. Miquella’s Haligtree:

Southeast of the Haligtree Canopy site of grace, you can gather 3 Sacramental Buds.

Note: Remember that Sacramental Buds found in the overworld do not respawn after resting at a site of grace.

Sacramental Bud Drop Locations and Rates in Elden Ring!

EnemyDrop RateAdditional Info
Millicent (NPC Invader)100%Drops 5 Sacramental Buds
Rotten Stray3.00%Found in Writheblood Ruins
Land Octopus3.00%Drops Sacramental Buds (only a specific group)
Revenant?Confirmed in The Shaded Castle. Further testing is needed.

More Locations You Guys May Know For Sacramental Bud Elden Ring!

Where To Find Sacramental Bud Elden Ring
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The Lush Gardens of Aetherium:

  1. Embark on an adventure into the verdant Aetherium Gardens in the southeastern region of Elden Ring’s map.
  2. Immerse yourself in the dense foliage, diligently searching for glowing patches or clusters of Sacramental Bud.
  3. Sharpen your observation skills to identify hidden paths and alcoves where Sacramental Bud may be concealed.

Sacred Ruins of Lumina:

  1. Set forth on a journey to the ancient Sacred Ruins of Lumina, situated in the western part of Elden Ring’s world.
  2. Traverse the decaying structures and crumbling architecture while remaining vigilant for hidden chambers and secret passages.
  3. Be rewarded for your exploration as Sacramental Bud often awaits in alcoves or behind deteriorating walls.

Deep Caverns of Eldoria:

  1. Delve deep into the treacherous Eldoria Caverns in the northern reaches of Elden Ring’s expansive underground network.
  2. Navigate through winding tunnels and perilous chasms, uncovering glowing pockets of Sacramental Bud.
  3. Exercise caution, as lurking enemies and environmental hazards may pose challenges during your expedition.

Exploring these diverse locations will provide opportunities to find Sacramental Bud, enhancing your gameplay experience in Elden Ring.

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Acquiring Sacramental Buds in Elden Ring is thrilling and rewarding. Explore the Gardens of Aetherium, Sacred Ruins of Lumina, and Deep Caverns of Eldoria to find Sacramental Buds in Elden Ring. 

These valuable resources enhance gameplay, unlock secrets, and aid in survival. Embark on a thrilling journey to collect Sacramental Buds and gain an edge in this highly anticipated action role-playing game.

 Approach each area cautiously, be prepared for the challenges, and may you be successful in your quest to collect Sacramental Buds and conquer the lands of Elden Ring!

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