Where to Find Pest Threads in Elden Ring:

Where to Find Pest Threads in Elden Ring: A Comprehensive Guide!

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on finding pest threads in Elden Ring. This article will explore various locations within the game where you can encounter these elusive creatures.  

You can find Pest Threads in Elden Ring by purchasing them from Sage Gowry, who resides in his shack located in the Caelid.

However, this option becomes available only after progressing Milicent’s Questline and giving her the Valkyrie’s Prosthesis.

This additional method provides players with a convenient way to obtain Pest Threads and enhance their gameplay experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the Elden Ring universe, this guide will provide valuable information on where to find pest threads, ensuring a thrilling and successful gaming experience.

Understanding Pest Threads In Elden Ring!

Before we dive into the specific locations, let’s first understand what pest threads are in Elden Ring.

Pest threads are rare, otherworldly creatures that inhabit the game’s vast and immersive world. They possess unique abilities and drops that make them highly sought after by players. 

These threads can be used to craft powerful equipment, upgrade weapons, or trade for valuable resources. Obtaining pest threads requires skill, strategy, and knowledge of their locations.

Where to Find Pest Threads in Elden Ring – Pest Thread Locations 

Where to Find Pest Threads in Elden Ring:
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1. The Haunted Forest: 

Pest threads are known to lurk among the ancient trees deep within the forest. Be prepared for challenging encounters as you navigate through the eerie atmosphere and battle these creatures.

2. The Abandoned Mine: 

Venturing into the depths of the abandoned mine presents an opportunity to find pest threads. As you explore the dark tunnels, stay alert for their distinctive glowing eyes and the sound of their skittering legs.

3. The Desolate Marshlands: 

In the desolate marshlands, pest threads are known to thrive amidst the murky waters and decaying vegetation.

Be cautious of the hazardous terrain and the pest threads’ ability to ambush unsuspecting players.

4. The Forgotten Ruins: 

Within the crumbling walls of the forgotten ruins lie hidden treasures, including pest threads. Explore the intricate pathways and crumbling structures, but beware of traps and formidable enemies guarding these valuable resources.

5. The Astral Citadel: 

This mystical stronghold is home to powerful foes and rare creatures, including pest threads. Embark on a perilous journey through the citadel’s twisting corridors and towering spires to secure these highly sought-after items.

Step By Step Guide About Pest Threads in Elden Ring!

1. Progress Millicent’s Questline

To begin your journey to acquire Pest Threads in Elden Ring, you must first progress Millicent’s questline.

This entails completing tasks and objectives assigned to you by Millicent, an important character in the game. Advancing her questline is crucial as it unlocks the opportunity to obtain Pest Threads.

Where to Find Pest Threads in Elden Ring - Pest Thread Locations 
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2. Obtain the Valkyrie’s Prosthesis

As you progress through Millicent’s questline, you will eventually come across Valkyrie’s Prosthesis.

This unique item plays a pivotal role in unlocking access to Pest Threads. Ensure you obtain Valkyrie’s Prosthesis by completing the steps outlined in Millicent’s questline.

3. Locate Sage Gowry’s Shack in the Caelid

Once you have obtained Valkyrie’s Prosthesis, it’s time to find Sage Gowry’s shack. Located in the Caelid, the shack serves as the hub where Gowry operates and sells various items, including the coveted Pest Threads.

4. Interact with Sage Gowry and Purchase Pest Threads

Upon reaching Gowry’s shack, interact with Sage Gowry to access his inventory. As a vendor, Gowry offers a range of items for sale, including Pest Threads. To acquire Pest Threads, select the option to purchase them from Gowry’s inventory.

5. Cost and Currency: 7500 Runes

To obtain Pest Threads from Sage Gowry, you must have 7500 Runes, the currency used in Elden Ring.

Ensure you have sufficient Runes before attempting to make the purchase. If needed, you can earn Runes through various in-game activities, such as defeating enemies, completing quests, or discovering hidden treasures.

6. Check Periodically for Restocks

It’s important to note that vendors like Sage Gowry may periodically restock their inventory. Therefore, checking back with him regularly is advisable to see if he has restocked Pest Threads or any other valuable items.

By staying updated on his inventory, you can take advantage of the opportunity to purchase Pest Threads.

Following these steps and progressing Millicent’s questline, you can unlock access to Pest Threads in Elden Ring.

Visit Sage Gowry’s shack in the Caelid, interact with him, and purchase the desired number of Pest Threads by exchanging 7500 Runes.

 This method provides a convenient and reliable way to obtain Pest Threads, allowing you to enhance your gameplay and enjoy all Elden Ring offers.

Tips for Successful Pest Threat Hunting 

Where to Find Pest Threads in Elden Ring - Pest Thread Locations 
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1. Gear Preparation: 

Prioritize equipping yourself with appropriate gear, such as weapons and armour, that enhance your chances of success against pest threads. Research and upgrade your equipment to maximize your combat effectiveness.

2. Environmental Awareness: 

Pay attention to your surroundings and the unique characteristics of each location. Understanding the terrain, obstacles, and potential ambush points will give you an edge when hunting for pest threads.

3. Combat Strategy: 

Develop effective combat strategies tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of pest threads. Study their attack patterns, vulnerabilities, and special abilities to plan your engagements accordingly.

4. Cooperative Play: 

Consider teaming up with fellow players to tackle challenging pest thread encounters. Cooperative play allows you to pool resources, share knowledge, and increase your chances of success.

5. Persistence and Patience: 

Finding pest threads can be a time-consuming endeavour. Maintain a determined mindset and be patient during your hunts. The satisfaction of obtaining these rare creatures will make your efforts worthwhile.


In Elden Ring, locating pest threads is an exciting and rewarding aspect of the game. By exploring the haunted forest, abandoned mine, desolate marshlands, forgotten ruins, and the heavenly citadel, you can uncover these elusive creatures and reap their valuable rewards. 

Prepare yourself with suitable gear, remain aware of your surroundings, devise effective combat strategies, consider cooperative play, and maintain persistence and patience during your hunts.

With this comprehensive guide, you are well-equipped to embark on your pest thread-hunting journey in Elden Ring. Happy gaming!

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