Where Is Jerren Elden Ring

Where Is Jerren Elden Ring? – Seek Jerren’s Location!

Elden Ring, the highly anticipated action role-playing game, offers a vast and immersive world filled with intriguing characters and captivating quests.

Among them is Witch-Hunter Jerren, also known as Castellan Jerren, an NPC with a significant role to play in the Sorceress Sellen questline.

If you’re wondering where to find Jerren in Elden Ring, look no further than the church located in Redmane Castle. This is where you can encounter Jerren, the Witch-Hunter character, and learn more about their role in the game.

Get ready to explore the church at Redmane Castle to meet Jerren in Elden Ring. In this article, we will explore the whereabouts of Witch-Hunter Jerren, detailing his location and the unique opportunities he presents to players.

Witch-Hunter Jerren’s Role – Discover Jerren’s secrets:

Witch-Hunter Jerren is not just any ordinary NPC; he holds the dual responsibility of being a herald and a Witch-Hunter in Elden Ring.

Hunter Jerren's Role
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  • As a herald, he can be seen making grand proclamations about the Radahn Festival around Redmane Castle, marking the beginning of this lively event. Jerren’s presence adds an extra layer of immersion to the game world, making the festival come to life before the player’s eyes.
  • Moreover, Witch-Hunter Jerren can also be encountered as an NPC Summon, offering players the chance to fight alongside him during their adventures. His combat prowess and unique abilities make him a valuable ally in challenging encounters, and players are encouraged to explore this opportunity when it arises.

Locating Witch-Hunter Jerren:

If you’re eager to find Witch-Hunter Jerren in Elden Ring, you’ll need to make your way to the church at Redmane Castle.

Locating Witch-Hunter Jerren:
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This picturesque location is where the enigmatic Witch-Hunter can be found, ready to interact with players and reveal more about his role in the Sorceress Sellen questline.

The church serves as a hub for important encounters, making it a significant landmark within the game world.

Witch-Hunter Jerren Questline: Completing Jerren’s Quest In Elden Ring:

To successfully complete Witch-Hunter Jerren’s questline in Elden Ring, follow these steps:

Defeat Starscourge Radahn:

Before proceeding with Jerren’s quests involving Sorceress Sellen, you must first defeat Starscourge Radahn. Once accomplished, you can move forward.

Defeat Starscourge Radahn:
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Locate Jerren At Redmane Castle: 

Head to Redmane Castle, situated north of the Chamber Outside the Plaza Site of Grace. Jerren can usually be found seated there. If he’s not at Redmane Castle, he may have moved to his second location in Witchbane Ruins.

Find Jerren In Witchbane Ruins:

If Jerren is not at Redmane Castle, search for him in Witchbane Ruins. He should be near the place where you previously encountered the chained Sorceress Sellen.

Progress In Sorceress Sellen Questline:

It might be required to carry on with the Sorceress Sellen questline if you’re still unable to find Jerren in the Witchbane Ruins.

The puppet corpse in Seluvis’ secret basement, located close to the three sister towers in north Liurnia, is where you’ll probably need to deliver Sellen’s stone at this point. Once completed, Jerren should appear with Sellen’s body in this location.

Encounter At Raya Lucaria Academy Library:

The next meeting with Jerren takes place at the Raya Lucaria Academy Library. Here, you’ll have to make a crucial decision: whether to side with Sellen or Jerren. If you choose to support Jerren, prepare for combat as you fight alongside him against Sellen.

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  • Siding with Sellen

If you choose to side with Sellen and defeat Jerren, you will be rewarded with the coveted Eccentric Set, which includes the Eccentric’s Hood, Eccentric’s Armor, Eccentric’s Manchettes, and Eccentric’s Breeches. 

Additionally, you can acquire the Flintstone Kris as a reward from Sellen and unlock access to the Shard Spiral for purchasing unique items.

  • Siding with Jerren

Opting to side with Jerren leads to a different set of rewards. After defeating Sellen, you will obtain Sellen’s Bell Bearing and the Witch’s Flintstone Crown. 

Furthermore, Jerren will reward you with an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone after a conversation with him. To find Jerren, head to the location where his summon sign was outside the Grand Library Site of Grace.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to progress through the Witch-Hunter Jerren questline in Elden Ring. Make your choices wisely and brace yourself for the challenges and revelations that lie ahead.

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