Is Elden Ring Like Skyrim?

Is Elden Ring Like Skyrim? A Comprehensive Comparison of Two Acclaimed RPGs

When it comes to immersive open-world RPGs, two names often dominate the conversation: Elden Ring and Skyrim.

Both games have garnered massive followings and have captivated players with their rich worlds and compelling gameplay. 

But the question is, Is Elden Ring like Skyrim? No, because Elden Ring features a significantly larger map compared to Skyrim.

Elden Ring and Skyrim are different games with distinct gameplay, settings, and design philosophies. 

While both are open-world RPGs, they have different developers, narratives, combat systems, and overall experiences. Therefore, it would be inaccurate to say that Elden Ring is like Skyrim.

In this article, we will explore the similarities and differences between Elden Ring and Skyrim, analyzing various aspects of the games to provide a comprehensive comparison.

Whether you’re a fan of one or both games, this article will give you an in-depth understanding of how these two beloved titles stack up against each other.

Discover the Unique Worlds of Elden Ring and Skyrim – Unveiling the Main Differences!

To comprehend the contrasting nature of Elden Ring and Skyrim, let’s examine their key differences in detail:

Aspects Elden RingSkyrim
DeveloperFromSoftwareBethesda Game Studios
Combat SystemChallenging, strategic, and melee-focusedAction-oriented with a mix of melee, ranged, and magic
SettingThe dark fantasy world created by Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. MartinThe fantasy world of Tamriel with various regions
Quest StructureNon-linear and interconnected questsQuests can be pursued independently
DifficultyKnown for its high difficulty levelOffers various difficulty options
MultiplayerFeatures Online multiplayer Offers mod support for multiplayer 

Why doesn’t Elden like Skyrim? – Some Features About Both Games!

Is Elden Ring Like Skyrim?
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1. Gameplay Mechanics

Elden Ring and Skyrim offer distinct gameplay experiences, although they share some common elements.

. Elden Ring’s Dynamic Combat:

Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware in collaboration with George R.R. Martin, features the challenging and methodical combat that the studio is known for.

Players engage in strategic battles against powerful foes, utilizing precise timing and mastering a variety of weapons and abilities.

The game emphasizes exploration, discovery, and overcoming difficult encounters.

  • Skyrim’s Freedom of Choice:

Skyrim, developed by Bethesda Game Studios, offers a vast open world where players have unparalleled freedom.

From the moment the game begins, players can choose their character’s race, class, and playstyle.

Whether you prefer stealthy archery, destructive magic, or brute force with a two-handed weapon, Skyrim accommodates various playstyles.

2. World Design and Exploration

The worlds of Elden Ring and Skyrim differ significantly in terms of design and the sense of exploration they offer.

  • Elden Ring’s Intricate Lore and Dark Fantasy:

Elden Ring presents a dark, intricate, and mysterious world crafted by renowned game director Hidetaka Miyazaki and renowned author George R.R. Martin.

The game combines elements of dark fantasy, Norse mythology, and intricate lore, creating a beautiful and atmospheric setting for players to explore.

The world is filled with hidden secrets, challenging dungeons, and awe-inspiring landscapes.

  • Skyrim’s Vast and Diverse Landscape:

On the other hand, Skyrim presents a massive open world inspired by Nordic mythology. The game’s landscapes range from snow-capped mountains to dense forests and sprawling cities, each with unique atmospheres and quests.

Skyrim’s world is filled with countless caves, ruins, and hidden locations, encouraging players to embark on endless adventures.

3. Questing and Narrative

Elden Ring and Skyrim employ different approaches to quests and storytelling.

  • Elden Ring’s Nonlinear Narrative:

Elden Ring features a nonlinear narrative, where players can choose which areas to explore and in what order.

The game offers a rich cast of characters, each with their own unique stories and quests. Players’ actions and choices throughout the game impact the unfolding narrative, providing a sense of agency and consequence.

  • Skyrim’s Epic Main Story and Side Quests:

Skyrim, known for its epic main questline, also boasts many engaging side quests. Players can align themselves with various factions and guilds, each offering a unique storyline and set of quests.

The game’s choices and actions have a noticeable impact on the world, and players can shape their journey in this vast land.

4. Visuals and Atmosphere

Is Elden Ring Like Skyrim?
Source: cnet

Both games excel in creating immersive and visually stunning worlds, albeit with distinct artistic styles.

  • Elden Ring’s Dark and Gritty Aesthetic:

Elden Ring embraces a dark and gritty aesthetic, combining stunning visuals with eerie and atmospheric settings.

From Software’s meticulous attention to detail brings the world to life, showcasing intricate character designs, haunting environments, and awe-inspiring boss battles.

  • Skyrim’s Iconic Beauty:

While not as dark as Elden Ring, Skyrim offers its unique beauty. The game’s landscapes are breathtaking, with vivid colors and iconic vistas that leave players in awe.

Skyrim’s visuals contribute to the game’s immersive experience from snow-covered mountains to picturesque waterfalls.

Which Is Better: Elden Ring or Skyrim? – Choice Elden Ring!

In the battle of these two exceptional RPGs, I have to give the overall win to Elden Ring. Elden Ring offers a complete and immersive experience.

It boasts a rich and captivating lore, stunning visuals that leave players in awe, a strong emphasis on exploration, a masterfully crafted silent narrative.

This is not to say that Skyrim falls short, as it is an excellent game in its own right. Skyrim provides a vast amount of content, ensuring great value for your money.

Even in 2023, twelve years after its initial release, Skyrim’s visuals still hold up impressively.

The defining factor in my decision lies in Skyrim’s mistakes, whereas Elden Ring seems to make practically none, as highlighted in my review. While these may seem minor gripes, they play a significant role when comparing two RPG powerhouses.

Close Alternatives – Elden Ring Like Skyrim?

For players seeking experiences similar to Elden Ring and Skyrim, several notable alternatives exist:

SkyrimElden Ring
Fallout 3Dark Souls Trilogy
Fallout 4Bloodborne
The Witcher 3: Wild HuntSekiro
Ghosts of TsushimaNioh
Hogwarts LegacyMortal Shell
Dragon Age: InquisitionAshen

These are the close alternatives Steps into the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout 3, where you’ll navigate through a lonely and dangerous world, encountering mutated creatures and engaging in intense combat while unraveling a captivating story filled with choices and consequences.


In conclusion, Elden Ring and Skyrim are distinct RPGs with their own unique features and gameplay experiences. 

Elden Ring stands out with its larger map, challenging combat, and dark fantasy world, while Skyrim offers a vast and diverse landscape, customizable playstyles, and accessibility. 

Both games have their strengths, but Elden Ring is recommended for its flawless execution across multiple aspects. Players seeking immersive RPG experiences should consider exploring both titles to appreciate their unique qualities fully.

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