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Is Elden Ring As Hard As Dark Souls? – An In-depth Comparison!

As FromSoftware’s latest offering, the question hanging in the air is, “Is Elden Ring as hard as Dark Souls?” The answer, as you’ll see, isn’t quite cut-and-dried.

Yes, Elden Ring is generally considered as hard as, if not harder than, While the strategic use of Spirits can certainly reduce the difficulty of Elden Ring, it doesn’t necessarily make it easier than Dark Souls 2. Some of which are inspired by notorious bosses like the Fume Knight from the Souls series.

In this article, we will delve into this question more deeply, comparing the complexity, enemy dynamics, and overall gaming experiences of both games. However, it’s worth noting that the answer to this question may not be as straightforward as it may seem.

Delving Into Elden Ring’s Challenges – Let’s Explre In 2023!

Elden Ring’s complexity lies in its dynamic world, filled with intricate landscapes, diverse adversaries, and relentless boss encounters. The game promotes learning from failure, patience, and the willingness to continually adapt one’s approach.

  • Unpredictable Adversaries: Unlike the relatively slow, predictable adversaries in Dark Souls 2, Elden Ring showcases an array of enemies, each boasting unique assault patterns and vulnerabilities.
  • Influence of the Fume Knight: The most challenging battles in Elden Ring draw inspiration from the infamous Fume Knight, a notorious boss from the Souls series.

The Game-Changing Spirits In Elden Ring – Unleash the Spirits!

Elden Ring introduces an element that can significantly impact its difficulty level – the Spirits. These unearthly allies can be pivotal during combat, providing distraction, additional damage output, and even healing.

  • Combat System:

Dark Souls is famed for its challenging combat, requiring players to master timing, positioning, and strategy. Elden Ring takes these elements and expands upon them, introducing a wider range of enemy types and combat scenarios.

This means that, while the core combat skills learned in Dark Souls remain crucial, Elden Ring presents new, complex challenges that can make it seem harder.

  • The Role of Spirits:

In Elden Ring, Spirits play a pivotal role in influencing the difficulty of the game. These can be summoned during battles to aid the player, making certain fights more manageable. 

However, mastering the use of Spirits is an added challenge, and relying too much on them can lead to trouble in battles where they are less effective.

  • Elden Ring and Dark Souls: Battle Difficulty

Dark Souls set the bar high for challenging boss battles, and Elden Ring continues this tradition. Elden Ring’s boss battles are notorious for their complexity and difficulty, with some drawing comparisons to the hardest Dark Souls bosses, like the Fume Knight.

Elden Ring’s Complexity: The Role of Spirits in Game Difficulty

The inclusion of Spirits in Elden Ring introduces a unique variable that makes it challenging to precisely determine the game’s difficulty level. 

These ethereal allies, which can be recruited throughout the game world, provide substantial support during combat situations. 

However, while they can alleviate some of the game’s inherent challenges, the strategic deployment and management of these Spirits also add a new layer of complexity.

As such, the difficulty of Elden Ring remains a nuanced aspect that varies among players, largely based on their effective use of Spirits and individual gameplay strategies.

Direct Comparison: Dark Souls 2 Vs Elden Ring!

Breaking down the elements of both games reveals a clearer picture of their respective challenges:

FactorsDark Souls 2Elden Ring
Enemy SpeedSlower, predictable enemiesFast, unpredictable enemies
Difficulty LevelsSteady, manageable difficultyVariable, can be extremely hard
Boss BattlesTough but predictableBrutal, unpredictable, inspired by Fume Knight
Extra HelpLimited optionsUse of Spirits can aid in battles Use of Spirits can aid in battles

For more discussions and player perspectives on the question “Is Elden Ring as hard as Dark Souls?”, feel free to visit this Reddit thread.

Heading Towards The End:

In Short, while both games are hard in their own right, Elden Ring offers a higher degree of difficulty, thanks to its fast and intricate enemies and intense boss fights. 

However, with the strategic use of Spirits, players might find Elden Ring to be slightly more manageable. But is Elden Ring as hard as Dark Souls? The answer largely depends on individual players and their capacity to adapt and strategize. 

One thing is certain though, both games offer an exhilarating, challenging experience that will push players to their limits.

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