How To Use Skills In Elden Ring

How To Use Skills In Elden Ring? – Level Up Your Abilities!

Are you excited to start a thrilling adventure in the captivating universe of Elden Ring? Get ready to explore this eagerly awaited game crafted by the creators of Dark Souls and Game of Thrones.

Prepare to enter a massive and dangerous world full of breathtaking scenery, powerful enemies, and mysterious discoveries.”

To overcome the challenges that await, it is crucial to develop a deep understanding of the skills needed to thrive in Elden Ring. 

In Elden Ring, understanding how skills work is crucial. When you obtain a new weapon in Elden Ring, it comes with a default Weapon Skill that enhances your combat capabilities. 

To activate this skill during battles, simply press the L2 button on PlayStation or LT on Xbox. Mastering the utilization of these skills will greatly enhance your effectiveness in the game.”

In this comprehensive guide, we will unlock the secrets of combat, exploration, and character progression, empowering you to become a true champion of Elden Ring.

How Do Skills Work In Elden Ring – Everything You Need To Know!

How To Use Skills In Elden Ring
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To utilize skills in Elden Ring, each weapon you acquire comes with a default Weapon Skill. 

  • By pressing L2/LT during combat, you can activate the skill. 
  • By default, the skill corresponds to the item equipped in your left hand, such as a shield’s Parry ability.
  • However, if you’re wielding a two-handed weapon, have unequipped your shield, or have an off-hand weapon that doesn’t have a skill, the default skill will be used.
  • Most skills, except for a shield’s Parry, require FP (Focus Points) to use. 
  • The FP cost may vary slightly depending on whether you’re using the skill with a single hand or both hands.
  • In total, there are approximately 100 different skills available. 
  • In addition to the weapon’s default skill, you can discover more skills as items known as Ashes of War. 
  • These items can be obtained through various means, including exploration, defeating enemies, finding Teardrop Scarabs, or purchasing them from NPCs.”

For a detailed tutorial on how to effectively use skills in Elden Ring, I highly recommend watching this informative and engaging

Prepare to enhance your combat prowess and master the art of utilizing skills in Elden Ring with the help of this exceptional video resource.

Equipping Ashes of War Weapon Skills – Equipping Ashes of War Weapon Skill!

How To Use Skills In Elden Ring
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To harness the full potential of your weapons in Elden Ring, you can equip Ashes of War Weapon Skills. 

  • These skills provide you with the flexibility to interchange abilities among a wide range of weapons, except for certain powerful weapons that have unique, unswappable skills.
  • To begin, you need to obtain an Ash of War and the Whetstone Knife from the Gatefront Ruins.While resting at a Site of Grace, access the menu to view your melee weapons, ranged weapons, and shields. 
  • Here, you can observe the default skill of each weapon and replace it with an Ash of War skill of the corresponding type.You have the option to replace just the Weapon Skill or adjust the attribute scaling as well. 
  • Adjusting scaling allows you to enhance the weapon’s effectiveness based on your character’s higher Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, or Faith. Additionally, you can imbue your weapon with magical or elemental damage capabilities.

As you come across different types of Whetstones, you can select alternative scaling options beyond the weapon’s default scaling type:

  • Iron Whetblade: Offers additional affinities such as Heavy, Keen, or Quality.
  • Glintstone Whetblade: Provides additional affinities like Magic or Cold.
  • Red-Hot Whetblade: Grants additional affinities such as Fire or Flame Art.
  • Black Whetblade: Allows additional affinities like Poison, Blood, or Occult.”

By utilizing these guidelines, you’ll master the art of using skills in Elden Ring to enhance your combat prowess and conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

Ashes of War        IncreasesDecreases
Quality  Strength Scaling
Dexterity Scaling
Base Physical Damage
KeenStrength Scaling Dexterity ScalingBase Physical Damage
HeavyIntelligence ScalingStrength Scaling Dexterity Scaling                     Magic Damage Guarded Damage Negation (excluding Magic Defense)Base Physical Damage
MagicStrength Scaling Base Physical Damage
FireFaith Scaling    Base Physical Damage
Dexterity Scaling  
Fire Damage
Fire and Lightning 
Damage Negation
All Other Damage
Flame ArtArcane Scaling Base Physical DamageDexterity Scaling
Dexterity Scaling
Fire Damage 
Fire and Lightning
Damage Negation
All Other Damage
PoisonArcane Scaling Physical DamageStrength ScalingDexterity ScalingMagic DamageBlood Buildup Physical Damage     Negation    
BloodIntelligence Scaling| Base Physical DamageStrength ScalingDexterity ScalingMagic DamageFrost Damage  BuildupPhysical Damage     Negation    
OccultArcane ScalingBase Physical Damage                   Strenght scaling
LighthningDexterity Scaling  Strength Scaling                  Dexterity Scaling               Lightning Damage                Physical Damage                    Guarded Damage                    Negation
ScaredFaith Scaling Base Physical Damage                   Guarded Damage                                           Negation (excluding 

How To Customize Weapon Skills In Elden Ring – Master Your Skills!

  1. In Elden Ring, players have the option to modify their weapon skills to better suit their desired playstyle or character build. While most weapons come with a default weapon skill, there are various reasons why players may want to change it. To do so, they need to acquire Ashes of War, special items that grant new abilities to weapons. 

However, it’s important to note that certain weapons cannot have their weapon skills replaced.

  1. To begin the process of changing weapon skills, players must first obtain a Whetstone Knife. This valuable item enables players to add Ashes of War to their weapons. Once the Whetstone Knife is acquired, players should head to a Site of Grace. Within the Site of Grace menu, an option named ‘Ashes of War’ will be available. 

This section allows players to add Ashes of War to their weapons and effectively alter their weapon skills according to their preferences.

List of Weapon Skills – Must Check This!

How To Use Skills In Elden Ring
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  • Angel’s Wings

Default Weapon: Winged Scythe

Ability: Jump and imbue the wing-blade of the armament with light, then deliver a slashing attack on the enemy. The white wings impede recovery actions using a Flask of Tears.

  • Barbaric Roar

Default Weapons: Club, Large Club, Greataxe

Ability: Let loose a bestial roar to rally the spirit and increase attack power. While active, strong attacks change to savage combo attacks.

  • Barrage

Default Weapon: Shortbow

Ability: Archery skill using a bow held horizontally. Ready the bow, then fire off a rapid succession of shots faster than the eye can see.

  • Buckler Parry

Default Weapon: Buckler

Ability: Used in time with a foe’s melee attack to deflect and break that foe’s stance – faster than a regular parry.

  • Carian Glintsword

Default Weapon: TBA

Ability: Your sword becomes a magical glintsword for a slash – can be charged for more power.

  • Charge Forth

Default Weapons: Winged Spear, Lance, Halberd

Ability: A quick charge forward ending in a thrust – can cover greater distance with a heavy attack.

  • Determination

Default Weapon: TBA

Ability: Enchants your weapon to deal more damage on the next attack.

  • Endure

Default Weapon: TBA

Ability: Assume an anchored stance to brace for incoming attacks, briefly boosting poise. Damage taken while using this skill is reduced.

  • Frenzy

Default Weapon: Battle Axe

Ability: A Skill used by barbarians with heavy weapons. You’ll continue attacking as long as you hold the button. Follow up with a normal or strong attack.

  • Glintblade Phalanx

Default Weapon: TBA

Ability: Forms small glintswords in an arch above you that attack automatically.

  • Gravitas

Default Weapon: TBA

Ability: Skill originating from the Alabaster Lords, who had skin of stone. Thrust the armament into the ground to create a gravity well. In addition to dealing damage, this attack pulls enemies in.

  • Hailstorm Sword

Default Weapon: Dragonscale Blade

Ability: Call down a bolt of ice, and imbues the blade with ice and lightning for a short duration.

  • Holy Ground

Default Weapon: TBA

Ability: Consecrates the land, restoring HP and boosting defenses for you and allies in the area of effect.

  • Impaling Thrust

Default Weapons: Estoc, Great Epee

Ability: Skill that lets piercing armaments overcome enemy shields. Build power, then lunge forward for a strong thrust that pierces an enemy’s guard.

  • Kick

Default Weapons: Short Sword, Crossbows

Ability: Pushes an enemy back with a high kick. Effective against enemies who are guarding and can break a foe’s stance. Sometimes a simple tool is the most effective.

  • Mighty Shot

Default Weapon: Longbow

Ability: Assume an oblique stance that makes your arrows more powerful and able to penetrate an enemy’s guard.

  • No Skill

Default Weapons: Catalysts, Some Shields

Ability: This armament has no skill. If the armament in the other hand has a skill, that skill will be used instead.

  • Ordovis’ Vortex

Default Weapon: Ordovis’ Greatsword

Ability: Twirl and slam the greatsword into foes with a crucible vortex – can be charged for more power.

  • Torch Attack

Default Weapon: Torch

Ability: Thrust your torch forward to set foes ablaze, dealing extra damage to foes weak to fire.

  • Unsheathe

Default Weapon: Uchigatana

Ability: Skill of swordsmen from the Land of Reeds. Sheathe the blade, holding it at the hip in a composed stance. Follow up with a normal or strong attack to perform a swift slash attack.

  • Viper Bite

Default Weapon: Coil Shield

Ability: A bronze venomous snake on the Coil Shield comes to life and stretches out to bite foes.’

Wrapping Up The Article:

In conclusion, mastering the use of skills is essential for thriving in the captivating universe of Elden Ring. 

By understanding and utilizing weapon skills, players can enhance their combat capabilities and effectively overcome the challenges that await them.

With a wide range of skills available, including the ability to customize weapon skills using Ashes of War, players can personalize their playstyle and adapt to various situations. 

By delving into the secrets of combat, exploration, and character progression, players can become true champions of Elden Ring.

Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure and discover the power of skills in this eagerly awaited game crafted by the creators of Dark Souls and Game of Thrones.

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