How to Get More Health in Elden Ring?

How to Get More Health in Elden Ring? – A Vital GuideIn 2023!

Elden Ring, the highly anticipated action RPG, has taken the gaming world by storm. As you venture through the Lands Between, your character’s health becomes your lifeline.

To boost your max health efficiently in Elden Ring, focus on leveling up the Vigor stat at any Site of Lost Grace. After resting at the Gatefront Site of Lost Grace, speak to Melina to use Runes for leveling up.

You want to explore, battle epic foes, and conquer dungeons without the constant fear of a premature demise. But fear not, for we’ve got you covered on your quest to increase your max health in Elden Ring!

How to Heal and Increase Max Health Elden Ring? – a Short Answer

How to Heal and Increase Max Health Elden Ring?
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Step 1: Visit a Site of Lost Grace

The key to unlocking more health in Elden Ring starts with finding a Site of Lost Grace. These sacred sites are scattered throughout the Lands Between and act as checkpoints for your adventure. You can easily spot them by their glowing, ethereal appearance.

Step 2: Rest and Speak to Melina

Once you’ve located a Site of Lost Grace, rest there. This will allow you to replenish your health and Estus Flasks, preparing you for what lies ahead. After resting, you’ll have the opportunity to speak to Melina, a mystical character who appears at these sites.

Step 3: Level Up Vigor

Melina is your gateway to increasing your health. Speak to her, and you’ll find the option to level up your attributes. To boost your health, focus on the Vigor stat. Increasing Vigor directly increases your maximum HP.

Step 4: Spend Runes Wisely

Spend Runes Wisely How to Heal and Increase Max Health Elden Ring?

To level up your Vigor, you’ll need Runes. These valuable resources can be acquired by defeating enemies, exploring the world, and completing quests. Spend your Runes wisely, as they are essential for enhancing your character’s capabilities.

Step 5: Repeat the Process

As you progress in Elden Ring, continue visiting Sites of Lost Grace, speaking to Melina, and allocating Runes to Vigor. Consistency is key, and your health pool will steadily grow, making you a formidable force in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I increase my max health without leveling up Vigor?

While Vigor is the primary attribute for max health increase, some equipment and items may provide temporary boosts. However, for a permanent and substantial increase, Vigor is your best bet.

2. How do I acquire more Runes?

Runes can be obtained by defeating powerful enemies, completing quests, and exploring the vast world of Elden Ring. Don’t shy away from challenges and exploration; they are your ticket to more Runes.

3. Are there any other methods to increase health?

Leveling up Vigor is the most efficient method, but there might be hidden secrets and unique items in the game that could provide additional health. Keep an eye out for any such opportunities during your adventure.

4. What’s the maximum health I can achieve in Elden Ring?

The maximum health you can attain in Elden Ring is determined by your character’s level and the number of points you’ve invested in the Vigor attribute. There is no set cap, so keep leveling up to reach your desired health pool.


In Elden Ring, where every step in the treacherous Lands Between is a test of your character’s survival, your health is your lifeline.

To maximize your health efficiently, focus on leveling up the Vigor stat at any Site of Lost Grace and utilize Runes after speaking to Melina.

As you journey through this captivating world, remember that consistency is key, and your health pool will steadily grow, making you an unstoppable force in the game.

So, embrace the power of Vigor, conquer your fears, and become the hero of this epic realm, for your adventure has just begun in 2023!

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