How To Get Lightning Spear Elden Ring - Conquer with Lightning!

How To Get Lightning Spear Elden Ring – Conquer with Lightning!

Elden Ring takes you on an adventure in a huge world where you’ll face tough enemies, uncover intriguing stories, and discover amazing weapons. 

Among these weapons, the Lightning Spear is especially sought after and highly valued.

To get the Lightning Spear, you need to follow a few steps. First, find the Dragon Cult Prayerbook from the lone Leyndell Knight who patrols East Liurnia, south of the Artist’s Shack. 

Once you have the prayer book, you can choose to give it to either Brother Corhyn or Miriel, Pastor of Vows. They will offer you the Lightning Spear in exchange for 6,000 Runes.

In this article, we will delve into how to acquire the Lightning Spear and provide you with detailed instructions to enhance your gaming experience in Elden Ring.

Lightning Spear in Elden Ring – Must Check It Out!

The Lightning Spear is an awesome spell in Elden Ring that can unleash devastating damage when used strategically against certain enemies. 

To cast this spell, players need to have 17 Faith. One of the great features of the Lightning Spear is its decent range, allowing players to strike from a distance. 

You can even launch it while riding on Torrent’s back, adding to its versatility. For those who want to maximize the power of the Lightning Spear, you can charge it up for even more lightning damage.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of the Lightning Spear scales directly with your Faith stat. The higher your Faith, the more damage the spear will inflict.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Getting The Lightning Spear In Elden Ring

Lightning Spear in Elden Ring
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Getting the Lightning Spear requires players to embark on a challenging quest. Follow these steps to acquire this mighty weapon:

1.Exploring the Dragon’s Domain: 

Begin your journey by venturing into the Dragon’s Domain, an area teeming with dangers and formidable enemies. This treacherous region is home to the Gold Dragon Cult Knights, who guard the Lightning Spear.

2.Finding the Gold Dragon Cult Knight: 

Navigate through the Dragon’s Domain, exploring its nooks and crannies to locate the Gold Dragon Cult Knight.

This formidable enemy will put your skills to the test, requiring precise timing and tactical combat maneuvers to overcome.

3.Defeating the Gold Dragon Cult Knight: 

Engage in an intense battle with the Gold Dragon Cult Knight, utilizing your combat prowess and exploiting the enemy’s weaknesses.

Employ a combination of evasive maneuvers, well-timed parries, and devastating attacks to emerge victorious.

4.Claiming the Lightning Spear: 

Once you have vanquished the Gold Dragon Cult Knight, claim your well-deserved reward. The Lightning Spear will be dropped upon the knight’s defeat, ready to be wielded against your adversaries.

How to Find and Beat the Gold Dragon Cult Knight

How to Find and Beat the Gold Dragon Cult Knight
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The Gold Dragon Cult Knight is a formidable adversary, but with the right strategies, you can emerge victorious. 

Here are some tips to help you locate and defeat this powerful foe:

Exploration and Reconnaissance: 

  • Thoroughly explore the Dragon’s Domain to uncover hidden paths and shortcuts that may aid you in your battle against the Gold Dragon Cult Knight. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the terrain and be prepared for unexpected encounters.

Preparation and Equipment: 

  • Before engaging the Gold Dragon Cult Knight, ensure your character is adequately leveled and equipped. 
  • Upgrade your armor, weapons, and consumables to increase your chances of success. 
  • Consider utilizing lightning-resistant gear to mitigate the enemy’s electric attacks.

Understanding the Enemy’s Patterns: 

  • Study the Gold Dragon Cult Knight’s attack patterns and movements. 
  • Observe their telegraphed moves and learn to anticipate their actions.
  •  Patience and timing are key to finding openings and effectively countering their assaults.

Exploiting Weaknesses: 

  • The Gold Dragon Cult Knight may have vulnerabilities that can be exploited.
  • Experiment with different weapon types and elemental damage to discover the most effective strategies against this formidable opponent.

What to Do with the Golden Cult Prayerbook

What to Do with the Golden Cult Prayerbook
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Upon defeating the Gold Dragon Cult Knight and acquiring the Lightning Spear, you may also obtain the Golden Cult Prayerbook.

 This valuable item serves as a key to unlocking hidden areas and accessing additional content within the game.

Similar to other Prayerbooks, you can hand over the Golden Cult Prayerbook to an Incantation merchant, such as Brother Corhyn. In return, they will provide you with newly acquired incantations.

The Golden Cult Prayerbook contains three incredible lightning-based incantations: 

  • Honed Bolt
  • Electrify Armament 
  • Lightning Spear. 

Each of these spells inflicts powerful lightning damage, adding a shocking twist to your arsenal of abilities.

To make the most of the Golden Cult Prayerbook, explore the world of Elden Ring thoroughly. Seek out hidden shrines, secret chambers, and enigmatic puzzles where the prayerbook may be employed. 

Unveiling the mysteries behind this ancient artifact will reward you with unique treasures, lore insights, and potentially even more powerful weapons.

Mastering the Lightning Spear Spell in Elden Ring

Mastering the Lightning Spear Spell in Elden Ring
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To harness the power of the Lightning Spear spell in Elden Ring, you must meet certain requirements and understand its mechanics. 

Here’s everything you need to know:

Spell Requirements and Costs

To wield the Lightning Spear spell effectively, you must have a Faith stat of at least 17. This requirement ensures that you can tap into the spell’s lightning-based magic and unleash its full potential.

When casting the Lightning Spear spell, you will consume 18 FP (Focus Points). Additionally, the spell consumes 28 Stamina, so keep an eye on your Stamina bar to ensure you have enough energy to cast the spell and perform subsequent actions.

Memory Slots and Spell Usage

The Lightning Spear spell occupies a single Memory Slot. In Elden Ring, your character has a limited number of slots for storing spells, so it’s crucial to manage them wisely. 

Consider the overall spell loadout and allocate Memory Slots accordingly to create a balanced and effective spellcasting arsenal.

In A Nutshell:

In the world of Elden Ring, the Lightning Spear stands as a symbol of power and prowess. Obtaining this legendary weapon requires courage, skill, and perseverance.

By venturing into the Dragon’s Domain, defeating the Gold Dragon Cult Knight, and utilizing the Golden Cult Prayerbook, you can secure this mighty weapon and unleash its electrifying might upon your enemies. 

Remember to explore diligently, interact with NPCs, decipher lore and clues, and face formidable foes with courage.

Once you claim the Lightning Spear, embrace its power and unleash devastation upon your adversaries. 

May your journey through Elden Ring be filled with triumph and unforgettable adventures. Good luck, and may the lightning guide your path!

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