How to Cheese the Final Boss in Elden Ring

How to Cheese the Final Boss in Elden Ring? – Unraveling the Secret!

As every gamer knows, one of the most thrilling aspects of gaming is overcoming those challenging bosses, especially in a game as demanding as Elden Ring.

To defeat the Elden Beast, the final boss in Elden Ring, use the Mimic Tear to distract the boss. While it’s focused on the Mimic Tear, go behind and strike its rear legs. 

Successfully dodging its close-range attacks and outrunning its AoE attacks is key. This strategy will allow players to efficiently defeat the Elden Beast.

Today, we delve into some ‘cheese’ strategies that can help players defeat the final boss of Elden Ring with ease.

Understanding The Final Boss –  For Those Who Don’t Know!

The Elden Beast, the final boss in Elden Ring, is a formidable opponent that poses a significant challenge even to experienced players. 

It’s not just its size that’s intimidating, but its diverse array of close-range and AoE attacks that keeps players on their toes. Mastering the boss fight involves understanding these attack patterns and devising a strategy to counter them effectively.

Cheesing the Elden Beast: A Unique Strategy!

If you’re finding the Elden Beast particularly challenging, there’s an effective tactic you can employ to make the fight significantly easier. The strategy revolves around using the Mimic Tear and striking the Elden Beast from behind while it’s distracted. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Summon the Mimic Tear:

Summoning the Mimic Tear is the first step in this strategy. The Mimic Tear serves as a decoy, drawing the aggro of the Elden Beast and giving you the much-needed room to launch your attacks.

2. Engage from Behind:

With the Mimic Tear absorbing the brunt of the Elden Beast’s attacks, you have the freedom to chase down the Elden Beast and strike its rear legs from behind. 

This not only helps you avoid the beast’s devastating frontal attacks but also gives you the opportunity to inflict significant damage.

3. Master the Art of Dodging:

An essential aspect of this strategy is your ability to dodge the Elden Beast’s close-range attacks effectively while managing distance to outrun its AoE attacks.

The key is to stay close enough to strike but far enough to dodge its moves. If done correctly, this tactic will help you make quick work of the fantastical beast.

For more insights and a comprehensive visual guide to these strategies, check out detailed walkthrough video on

Wrapping Up The Article:

Cheesing the final boss in Elden Ring might sound like an accomplishment strategy, but with bit of practice and persistence, you can master this approach. 

A unique strategy involving the Mimic Tear can help players achieve this.The Mimic Tear serves as a vital decoy, drawing the Beast’s attention and allowing players to land effective strikes on its rear legs.

Dodging the Beast’s close-range and AoE attacks while managing a safe yet strategic distance is crucial for success.In short, by understanding the Elden Beast’s attack patterns, leveraging the Mimic Tear effectively, and mastering the art of dodging, players can simplify this challenging boss fight and emerge victorious.

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