How To Aim Crossbow In Elden Ring - Let’s Dive Into It!

How To Aim Crossbow In Elden Ring? – Let’s Dive Into It!

Crossbows have a unique mechanic where they can only be used for hip fire unless equipped as Two-Hand weapons.

To aim with a crossbow, you’ll need to use another weapon, such as a sword, in your other hand. Here’s a step-by-step procedure:

Load the crossbow, press the appropriate buttons to use it with both hands, and manually aim using L1 or LB. Load a bolt and use R1 or R2 to fire.

You can choose between auto-aim and manual aim. Remember to reload before each shot, and note that crossbows cannot be upgraded with Ashes of War.

By following these steps, you can effectively aim and use your crossbow in Elden Ring’s challenging battles.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the mechanics of aiming in Elden Ring and provide actionable tips to improve accuracy and precision. Let’s start a journey to become a true marksman in Elden Ring!

Crossbow Mechanics In Elden Ring – For Those Who Don’t Know!

In Elden Ring, crossbows have unique mechanics that require using a two-hand weapon to aim correctly.

Crossbows can only be used for hip fire, unlike other ranged weapons, unless equipped as Two-Hand weapons.

If you want to aim, you must have another weapon, such as a sword, in your other hand. This limitation adds a strategic element to crossbow usage, as you must carefully balance between aiming and utilizing your other weapon.

How To Aim Crossbow In Elden Ring – Detailed guide for beginners!

How To Aim Crossbow In Elden Ring - Let’s Dive Into It!

1. Manual Aiming Techniques:

To manually aim with your crossbow in Elden Ring, you need to activate the manual aiming mode by pressing the designated button (L1 or LB, depending on your platform). 

Manual aiming provides greater control and precision, allowing you to target enemies or objects within the game world accurately.

It is recommended to practice a manual aiming to improve your overall accuracy and effectiveness with the crossbow.

2. Loading and Firing Bolts:

Before each shot, you need to load a bolt into your crossbow. This can be done by pressing the corresponding button (R1 or R2) depending on your platform. Once the bolt is loaded, you can use the fire button (R1 or RB) to release a single arrow or bolt. 

Additionally, you have the option to fire different varieties of ammunition by pressing the alternate fire button (R2 or RT).

Experiment with different types of bolts to find the most suitable one for specific enemy encounters.

3. Auto-Aim vs. Manual Aim:

Elden Ring offers the option of using auto-aim or manual aim with the crossbow. Auto-aim allows the game to assist you in targeting enemies, making it easier to hit moving targets. 

On the other hand, manual aim provides greater control and precision, but requires more skill and practice.

It is recommended to use manual aim for better accuracy, although the choice ultimately depends on your personal preference and playstyle.

4. Strategies for Precision and Accuracy:

To achieve precision and accuracy with your crossbow, it is important to maintain proper positioning and stability.

Take the time to adjust your aim carefully and account for factors such as target distance and movement. 

Practice leading moving targets by predicting their trajectory and adjusting your aim accordingly.

Additionally, consider the impact of range and elevation on crossbow accuracy, making the necessary adjustments to ensure your shots hit their mark.

5. Advanced Crossbow Tactics:

How To Aim Crossbow In Elden Ring
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As you become more proficient with the crossbow in Elden Ring, you can start incorporating advanced tactics into your gameplay.

Utilize the environment to your advantage by taking advantage of factors that affect crossbow aim, such as obstacles or height differences. 

Develop strategies for efficiently targeting multiple enemies with your crossbow, prioritizing targets based on their threat level or vulnerability.

By integrating crossbow tactics into different combat scenarios, you can maximize the effectiveness of this versatile weapon.

6. Crossbow Upgrades and Limitations:

While crossbows in Elden Ring can be upgraded, it is essential to note that they cannot be upgraded using fresh Ashes of War.

Take advantage of the upgrade system in the game to enhance your crossbow’s performance and increase its damage output. 

However, be mindful of the limitations of crossbows and explore other avenues for character progression and improvement.

How to aim with Crossbow in the Elden Ring on PS5 and PC?

To aim with a Crossbow in Elden Ring on PS5, use the L1 button to aim your bow or Crossbow before firing.

This button is the aiming control, allowing you to line up your shots accurately. Additionally, it functions similarly to a shield’s parry button, providing the ability to block incoming attacks for added defense.

On PC, aiming with a bow or Crossbow in Elden Ring is accomplished using the right mouse button.

Equipping the bow with both hands allows you to aim precisely and take careful shots at your targets.

This method grants you more control over your aim, enabling you to land accurate hits from a safe distance.

How to aim Crossbow in Elden Ring on Xbox?

To aim the crossbow in Elden Ring on Xbox, follow these steps:

  1. Equip the crossbow by pressing L1 or LB (if equipped on the left hand) on your controller.
  2. Aim by using the right joystick and adjust your aim manually.
  3. Press R1 or RB to fire a single shot or R2 or RT to fire a different bolt type.
  4. For automatic firing, draw the bow with both hands and press L1 or LB again.
  5. Enjoy the flexibility of both free aim and automatic fire modes while using the crossbow in Elden Ring.

With these controls, you can unleash the crossbow’s power and enhance your adventure in Elden Ring. Happy hunting!

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In A Nutshell:

To aim the crossbow in Elden Ring, you must equip it as a Two-Hand weapon, using another weapon in your off-hand.

Activate manual aiming mode by pressing the designated button (L1 or LB) to gain greater control and precision. Load bolts by pressing the corresponding button (R1 or R2) and fire with the fire button (R1 or RB). 

Experiment with auto-aim and manual aim to find your preferred targeting method. Practice precision and accuracy by adjusting your aim, leading moving targets, and considering range and elevation. 

Explore advanced tactics, upgrade your crossbow (excluding Ashes of War), and maximize its potential.

On Xbox, equip the crossbow with L1 or LB and aim using the right joystick. Press R1 or RB to fire a single shot or R2 or RT for different bolt types. Master the mechanics, aim true, and conquer the challenges that await in Elden Ring!

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