Elden Ring Why Did Blaidd Go Mad

Elden Ring Why Did Blaidd Go Mad? – Unveil the truth and shape!

As an avid fan of the “Soulsborne” series, I was thrilled when FromSoftware announced their latest project, Elden Ring.

The game’s trailers and teasers have been shrouded in mystery, making fans speculate about its story and characters.

One character that has caught the attention of many is Blaidd, the wolf-like companion of the protagonist.

Blaidd is a tragic figure in Elden Ring’s story, as he goes mad and becomes an enemy to the player.

The Two Fingers entrusted Blaidd to safeguard Ranni, but unfortunately, Ranni betrays the Two Fingers, which triggers a descent into insanity for Blaidd.

Defeat him in combat, and you can acquire his full armor and formidable greatsword. Unravel the mystery of Blaidd’s madness in Elden Ring.

In this article, we will explore the possible reasons behind Blaidd’s descent into madness and its impact on the world of Elden Ring.

The Story of Blaidd – For Those Who Don’t Know!

Blaidd, also known as the Wolf King, was once a revered ruler in the realm of Elden Ring. His reign was marked by prosperity and harmony. 

Story of Blaidd
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However, as the game’s narrative unfolds, players are confronted with the shocking revelation that Blaidd succumbed to madness.

This abrupt transformation leaves players wondering the underlying reasons behind his insanity.

Why Did Blaidd Go Mad?

Blaidd’s descent into madness is a central plot point in Elden Ring, and players are left wondering what could have caused such a drastic change in character.

While there is no definitive answer, several theories have emerged among game fans.

 Blaidd Go Mad
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One theory suggests that Blaidd’s madness was triggered by the death of Ranni Shadow’s two fingers.

Another theory posits that Blaidd was always destined to go mad as he was a pawn of the gods.

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The Cursed Legacy:

According to the game’s lore, Blaidd’s madness can be traced back to a curse that plagued his bloodline.

Legend has it that an ancient artifact, known as the Ring of Lunaria, bestowed immense power upon the Wolf King and his descendants.

However, this power came at a great cost. The ring’s influence gradually corrupted Blaidd’s mind, driving him to insanity.

The Loss of Purpose:

Another factor contributing to Blaidd’s madness is the loss of his purpose.

Once a visionary leader who guided his people with wisdom, Blaidd grappled with existential dilemmas.

As his kingdom flourished, he began to question the meaning and significance of his rule.

This introspection and the insidious influence of the Ring of Lunaria eventually led Blaidd down a path of self-destruction.

Betrayal and Desperation:

In the face of mounting challenges, Blaidd’s desperation grew. Betrayed by those he trusted, the Wolf King was pushed further into the abyss of madness.

Betrayal and Desperation:
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This betrayal shattered his faith in the loyalty of his subjects and drove him to extreme measures.

Blaidd’s actions, driven by paranoia and a desire for vengeance, resulted in a reign marked by chaos and destruction.

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Theories on What Caused Blaidd’s Madness:

There are several theories about what caused Blaidd’s madness in Elden Ring.

Influence of Ranni’s Two Fingers:

 Blaidd's Madness
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  • Ranni’s Two Fingers created Blaidd to keep tabs on her and ensure she followed her destiny of replacing Queen Marika.
  • However, Blaidd didn’t follow the Two Fingers and instead swore allegiance to Ranni, even after she sought to abandon her quest and stole the rune of death.
  • This could suggest that Blaidd’s loyalty and devotion to Ranni may have influenced his descent into madness.

Ranni’s Betrayal Theory in Elden Ring:

Ranni's Betrayal Theory in Elden Ring
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  • Another theory from Reddit user Sacred-sable suggests that each god in Elden Ring is given a shadow to protect and serve them, with Ranni having Blaidd as hers.
  • However, the Two Fingers put a failsafe measure in Blaidd that would cause him to turn hostile if Ranni betrayed or strayed from the path set for her.
  • This could explain why Blaidd attacks the protagonist when they encounter him.
  • Finally, another Reddit user named Faelijah suggests that Blaidd was sent from the Greater Will to watch over Ranni and kill her if she ever became a threat.
  • When the protagonist finds him, he has an existential crisis about killing Ranni, which could contribute to his madness.

There are several potential explanations for what caused Blaidd’s madness in Elden Ring, ranging from his loyalty to Ranni to external forces beyond his control.

The Aftermath of Blaidd’s Madness:

After Blaidd’s madness, the world of Elden Ring was forever changed. The once great wolf warrior had become a hostile and dangerous foe, attacking anyone who crossed his path.

 Aftermath of Blaidd's Madness
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  • Many of his former allies wondered what could have caused such a drastic behavior change. Some speculate that it resulted from a curse or dark magic, while others believe Blaidd simply succumbed to the pressures of his role as a pawn of the gods.
  • Regardless of the cause, the aftermath of Blaidd’s madness was felt throughout Elden Ring. Many once-safe areas became overrun with enemies, and travelers were forced to take caution when venturing into the world.
  • The loss of such a powerful ally also had significant implications for those fighting against the forces of darkness, as they were left without one of their most skilled warriors.
  • Despite these challenges, however, some remained hopeful that Blaidd could be saved from his madness. Some even embarked on quests to try and find a cure for him, hoping to restore him to his former self and end the chaos he had unleashed upon Elden Ring.

The Impact of Blaidd’s Madness on Elden Ring:

Blaidd’s madness had a significant impact on the world of Elden Ring.

  • As one of the most powerful beings in the game, his descent into madness caused chaos and destruction throughout the land.
  • Players who encounter Blaidd during their journey will have to face him as a hostile enemy, making it clear that he is no longer the ally he once was.
  • The consequences of Blaidd’s madness are felt throughout Elden Ring, with many characters and factions struggling to deal with the aftermath.
  • Some speculate that outside forces influenced his actions, while others believe his demons drove him to insanity.
  • Regardless of the cause, it is clear that Blaidd’s madness has left a lasting impact on the world of Elden Ring.
  • Players who wish to learn more about Blaidd’s story can embark on his questline, which sheds light on his motivations and eventual downfall.
  • Blaidd’s Madness is a cautionary tale about the dangers of power and ambition in Elden Ring’s unforgiving world.

In A Nutshell:

In conclusion, the madness of Blaidd in Elden Ring is a complex and intriguing topic that has left players wondering about its cause and impact on the game’s story.

While there are several theories on what caused his descent into madness, it is clear that his actions significantly impacted the game’s world and characters.

The aftermath of Blaidd’s madness has left a lasting impression on players, highlighting the consequences of one’s actions and the importance of making choices carefully.

Overall, Elden Ring’s exploration of madness through Blaidd’s character adds depth to the game’s narrative and leaves players with much to ponder long after playing.

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