Elden Ring Builds Tier List

Elden Ring Builds Tier List – Unleashing the Power!

Explore the captivating world of Elden Ring and discover the art of character building. The Elden Ring Builds Tier List categorizes builds into different tiers based on their power and effectiveness. 

  1. S-Tier builds feature the use of highly overpowered and exceptional weapons, enabling players to defeat bosses in PvE effortlessly. 
  2. A-Tier builds are also strong, with some options rivaling the performance of S-Tier builds. 
  3. B-Tier builds are considered good choices, providing solid performance in the game.

This article presents an authoritative and expert-curated Elden Ring Builds Tier List. From mighty warriors to cunning sorcerers, we explore the diverse playstyles and strategies that can propel you to greatness in this highly anticipated game.

Understanding the Builds Tier List

Under this heading, we comprehensively explain the Builds Tier List. We discuss its purpose and how it serves as a reference for players looking to optimize their gameplay experience. 

We delve into the criteria for evaluating builds, including damage output, survivability, versatility, and strategic value.

Additionally, we explain how the tier list helps players identify builds that align with their preferred playstyle and goals.

S-Rank Builds: Unleashing Unparalleled Might

the Builds Tier List
Source: mmo-champion

In this section, we showcase the top-tier S-Rank builds in Elden Ring. We provide detailed descriptions and analyses of each build, highlighting their strengths, recommended weapons or equipment, and playstyle strategies. 

We discuss how these builds excel in combat, dealing devastating damage and dominating foes. We aim to build excitement and anticipation among readers by showcasing the power and potential of these builds.

S-Tier Builds:

Here are some notable B-Rank Builds:

1. Bleed Build:

Weapons: Uchigatana, Rivers of Blood, Bloodhound’s Fang, Ghiza’s Wheel

Armor: War Surgeon Set, Crucible Tree Set

2. Dexterity Build:

Weapons: Uchigatana, Nagakida, Bloodhound’s Fang, Moonveil Katana, Godskin Peeler

Armor: Raging Wolf Set, Briar Set

3. Frostbite Build:

Weapons: Cold Banished Knight Greatsword, Cold Club, Darkmoon Greatsword, Cold Uchigatana

Armor: Snow Witch Set

4. Magic Build:

Weapons: Carian Regal Sceptor, Meteorite Staff, Lusat’s Glintstone Staff

Armor: Queen’s Robe/Crown, Lusat’s Armor Set

A-Rank Builds: Masterful Versatility

In this section, we shift the focus to A-Rank builds, which offer a high degree of versatility in Elden Ring. We describe each A-Rank build in detail, highlighting their adaptable nature and their ability to excel in different combat scenarios. 

We discuss the strengths, recommended weapon choices, and playstyle variations that players can explore with these builds.

By highlighting their flexibility, we encourage readers to consider the advantages of A-Rank builds.

A-Tier Builds:

Here are some notable A-Rank Builds:

1. Scarlet Rot Build:

Weapons: Cold/Blood Antspur Rapier, Rotten Crystal Spear

Armor: Malenia‘s Armor Set

2. Strength Build:

Weapons: Starscourge Greatsword, Giant Crusher, Ordovis’ Greatsword, Axe of Godrick

Armor: Blaidd’s Armor Set, Banished Knight’s Set

3. Faith Build:

Weapons: Gargoyle’s Black Blades, Winged Scythe, Sacred Relic Sword, Tree Spear

Armor: Brair Set, Crucible Axe Set, Crucible Tree Set

4. Blackflame Build:

Weapons: Godskin Peeler, God slayer’s Greatsword, Winged Scythe

Armor: Crucible Tree Set, Haligtree Knight Set, Godskin Apostle Set

B-Rank Builds: Solid and Reliable Choices

Under the B-Rank Builds category, you’ll find a selection of solid and reliable choices in Elden Ring. These builds offer a good balance between performance and versatility, providing a dependable experience for players

These B-Rank Builds offer reliable performance and can be effective in various combat scenarios. They provide a solid foundation for players seeking dependable options without compromising effectiveness.

B. tier:

Here are some notable B-Rank Builds:

1. Quality Build:

Weapons: Ghiza’s Wheel, Axe of Godfrey, Bloodhound’s Fang, Quality Claymore

Armor: Blaidd Armor Set, Zamor Armor Set

2. Dragon Build:

Weapons: Dragon Communion Seal, Eleonora’s Poleblade, Magma Blade

Armor: Veteran’s Set, Ronin Armor Set

3. Frenzy Build:

Weapons: Vyke’s War Spear, Frenzied Flame Seal

Armor: Haligtree Knight Set, Raging Wolf Set, Azure’s Glintstone Set

4. Colossal Sword Build:

Weapons: Godslayer Greatsword, The Greatsword, Grafted Blade Greatsword, Ruins Greatsword

Armor: Blaidd’s Armor Set, Banished Knight’s Set

C-Rank Builds: Unique and Challenging Playstyles

C-Rank Builds: Unique and Challenging Playstyles
Source: gamesatlas

we explore the C-Rank Builds in Elden Ring that offer distinctive and unconventional playstyles.

These builds may require more skill and finesse to master, but they provide an exhilarating and fresh approach to the game. 

We highlight the unique weapons and armor associated with each C-Rank Build and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of these unconventional choices.

Players willing to take on the challenge and think outside the box will find these builds rewarding and engaging.

C-Tier Builds:

Here are some notable C-Rank Builds:

1. Bow Build:

Weapons: Composite Bow, Pulley Bow, Erdtree Bow

Armor: Raging Wolf Set, Crucible Tree Set

2. Poison Build:

Weapons: Poison Uchigatana, Serpentbone Blade, Venomous Fang, Poison Nagakiba

Armor: Mushroom Set, Crucible Tree Set

3. Spear Build:

Weapons: Rotten Crystal Spear, Death Ritual Spear, Bolt of Gransax

Armor: Raging Wolf Set, Crucible Tree Set

4. Whip Build:

Weapons: Giant’s Red Braid, Hoslow’s Petal Whip

Armor: Raging Wolf Set, Briar Set

D-Rank Builds: Experimental and Niche Approaches

D-Rank Builds, offer experimental and niche approaches to gameplay in Elden Ring. These builds may not be as widely used or recognized as higher-ranked builds, but they can still provide unique and interesting playstyles for players looking to try something different. 


Here are some notable D-Rank Builds:

1. Spear:

Weapons: Various types of spears, such as the Silver Knight Spear, Winged Spear, or Partizan.

Armor: Typically, players can choose from a variety of armor sets available in the game.

2. Straight Sword:

Weapons: Different straight swords, like the Longsword, Broadsword, or Shortsword.

Armor: Players can select armor sets that complement their playstyle and preferences.

3. Thrusting Sword:

Weapons: Thrusting swords, such as the Estoc, Rapier, or Mail Breaker.

Armor: Players can choose armor sets that suit their desired stats and aesthetics.

4. Flail:

Weapons: Flails like the Morning Star, Mace, or Warpick.

Armor: Players can opt for armor sets that balance protection and mobility.

These D-Rank builds offer experimental and niche playstyles, allowing players to explore unique weapon choices and armor combinations.

While they may not be as dominant as higher-ranked builds, they can still be enjoyable for players seeking different approaches to combat in Elden Ring.

Builds Comparison – Elden Ring Builds Tier List 

Builds TierTierWeaponsCracked TearsArmorAdditional Abilities
BleedSUchigatana, River of Blood, Bloodhounds fang, Ghizas wheelGreeburst Crystal Tear, Thorny Cracked TearWar Surgeon Set, Tree SetBloodflame Blade
DexteritySKatanas, Rapiers, Bows, Curved SwordsVirulent, Coalesced, Thunderous Cracked TearsShadow Set, Black Leather SetNone specified (depends on playstyle)
FrostbiteSVordt’s Great Hammer, Friede’s Great Scythe, Irithyll Straight SwordFrostbite Crystal Tear, Frozen Cracked TearOutrider Knight Set, Dancer’s SetFrost Blade, Frozen Weapon
Scarlet RotAWarden Twinblades, Grave Warden’s Scythe, BloodlustNoxious, Blistered, Scorched Cracked TearsGrave Warden Set, Bloodbite RingBlood Magic, Bleed Blade
StrengthAGreatswords, Greataxes, Ultra GreatswordsRadiant, Blazing, Thunderous Cracked TearsHavel’s Set, Smough’s SetIron Flesh, Stone Flesh
FaithAMaces, Axes, Hammers, weapons infused with Lightning Holy, Glowing, Radiant Cracked TearsPaladin Set, Archdeacon SetLightning Blade,Sunlight Blade, Divine Blessing
BlackflameAWeapons infused with Dark Gems (e.g., Onyx Blade, Dark Hand)Dark, Ashen, Smoky Cracked TearsDark Set, Fire Witch SetBlack Flame, Dark Blade
QualityBVersatile weapons scaling well with Strength and DexterityNo specific tearsElite Knight Set, Cathedral Knight SetElite Knight Set, Cathedral Knight Set
DragonBDragon Tooth, Drakeblood Greatsword, weapons infused with Dragon GemsDragonfire Crystal Tear,Dragon Blood Cracked TearDragon Scale Set, Dragonrider SetDragon Breath, Dragon Roar
Frenzy BBWeapons causing Bleed or having innate Frenzy (e.g., Bloodletter, Chikage)Frenzy Crystal Tear, Insane Cracked TearCainhurst Set, Knight SetBlood Magic, Frenzy Blade
BowCBows, Crossbows, effective ranged weapons (e.g., Black Bow of Pharis, Avelyn)Crystalized, Iridescent, Violet Cracked TearsArcher Set, Hunter SetHawk Eye, Feather Arrow
PoisonCWeapons causing Poison or infused with Poison Gems (e.g., Spotted Whip, Poison-infused Estoc)Poison Crystal Tear, Toxic Cracked TearShadow Set, Antiquated SetPoison Mist, Toxic Mist
SpearCSpears, Pikes, Halberds, weapons infused with Sharp GemsCrystalized, Iridescent, Violet Cracked TearsDrang Set, Lothric Knight SetLightning Spear, Great Lightning Spear
WhipCWhips, Flails, chains, weapons infused with Sharp or Poison Gems  Whipcrack, Blistered, Scorched Cracked TearsWitch Set, Master’s AttireNone specified (depends on playstyle)

In A Nutshell:

In conclusion, the Elden Ring Builds Tier List provides players with valuable insights into the effectiveness and power of different character builds.

 From the dominant S-Tier builds like Bleed and Dexterity, to the versatile A-Tier builds such as Scarlet Rot and Faith, and the solid options in the B-Tier like Quality and Dragon, players have a wide range of playstyles to choose from. 

Additionally, the tier list includes experimental and niche approaches in the C-Tier builds, such as Bow and Poison. 

With a variety of weapons, armor sets, and additional abilities associated with each build, players can tailor their gameplay experience to their preferences.

By referencing the Builds Tier List, players can make informed decisions and optimize their performance in the captivating world of Elden Ring.

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