Ashes Tier List in Elden Ring Unveiling the Power Within

Ashes Tier List in Elden Ring: Unveiling the Power Within

Unlock the secrets of Elden Ring‘s ashes tier list and embark on an exhilarating journey through its captivating world. The Ashes Tier List in Elden Ring showcases the

Ranking and categorizing of different ashes based on their power and rarity within the game. It is a valuable guide for players, indicating each ash’s relative strength and significance.

The tier list ranges from the highest rank, S, down to E-rank ashes, each offering unique abilities and impacts on gameplay.

Understanding the ashes tier list can significantly influence character progression, strategic decision-making, and the overall experience of Elden Ring.

In this expertly crafted article, we delve into the realm of ashes and present a comprehensive analysis of their power levels.

Exploring the Ashes Tier List In Detail – Must Check Them Out!

Exploring the Ashes Tier List In Detail - Must Check Them Out!
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Here, we delve into the heart of the article by introducing the ashes tier list. We explain how the ashes are categorized and ranked based on their power levels and rarity. This section provides an overview of the tier list, setting the stage for the subsequent sections.

Unleashing the Power of S-Rank Ashes:

We focus on the highest tier of ashes, the S-rank. This section showcases the most formidable and coveted ashes in Elden Ring. We discuss their unique abilities, lore implications, and the extraordinary impact they can have on gameplay. Prepare to be amazed by the unparalleled power of S-rank ashes.


Ascending through A-Rank Ashes:

This section delves into the A-rank ashes, the next tier in the hierarchy. We explore the exceptional qualities and significance of these ashes, highlighting their role in shaping character progress and encounters with formidable foes. Discover the challenges and rewards that await those who ascend through the ranks.


Lhutel the HeadlessCleanrot Knight FinlayGreatshield Soldier
Stormhawk DeenhOmenkiller RolloCrystalian
Banished Knight EngvallRedmane Knight Ogha
Ancient Dragon Knight KristoffBloodhound Knight Floh

Mastering B-Rank Ashes:

Secrets Unveiled: Here, we focus on the B-rank ashes, which offer unique abilities and advantages. We unveil the secrets behind these ashes, exploring their hidden potential and strategic applications. Unlock the true mastery of B-rank ashes as you navigate the treacherous world of Elden Ring.


Jellyfish (Aurelia)Nightmaiden & Swordstress PuppetMarionette Soldier
Ancestral FollowerRadahn SoldierSkeletal Militiaman
Rotten StrayWarhawk
Fanged ImpGiant Rat

Embracing the Challenges of C-Rank Ashes:

Embracing the Challenges of C-Rank Ashes
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This section delves into C-rank ashes. Although lower in the tier list, these ashes present their own set of challenges and opportunities. We discuss their distinctive characteristics, highlighting how they contribute to the game’s sense of progression and the player’s journey.

Finger Maiden TherolinaDepraved Perfumer CarmaanLand SquirtsMad Pumpkin HeadFire MonkDemi-HumanArcherPerfumer TriciaPutrid CorpseTwinsage SorcererHaligtree Soldier


Finger Maiden TherolinaDepraved Perfumer CarmaanLand Squirts
Mad Pumpkin HeadFire MonkDemi-Human
Archer Perfumer TriciaPutrid Corpse
Twinsage SorcererHaligtree Soldier

Discovering Hidden Potential: D-Rank Ashes:

This section highlights the D-rank ashes, often overlooked but harboring untapped potential. We explore their unique properties and examine how they can be used creatively to overcome obstacles and make the most of your character’s abilities. Unleash the hidden potential of D-rank ashes.


Noble SorcererJarwrightMiranda Sprout
Skeletal BanditNomadGlintstone Sorcerer
Wandering NobleSoldjars of Fortune Clayman 

Embodying Resilience: E-Rank Ashes:

The final section focuses on the E-rank ashes, the humblest of the tier list. These ashes symbolize resilience and provide exciting gameplay dynamics despite their lower standing. We discuss their role, potential uses, and how they contribute to the overall experience of Elden Ring.

Essential Notes on Specific Spirit Ashes – Discover the Power!

Essential Notes on Specific Spirit Ashes - Discover the Power!
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  • Mimic Tear: Known for its ability to deceive enemies and mimic their powers, the Mimic Tear is a highly sought-after ash. It grants the user unparalleled versatility in combat and strategic advantages.


  • Lhutel the Headless: The ash of Lhutel the Headless bestows incredible strength and endurance to those who possess it. It enhances the user’s combat abilities, making them a formidable force on the battlefield.
  • Stormhawk Deenh: The Stormhawk Deenh ash imbues its bearer with the power of lightning. It allows for devastating electrical attacks and heightened agility, making it a valuable asset in offense and defense.


  • Jellyfish (Aurelia): The ash of the Jellyfish, known as Aurelia, grants the user enhanced healing properties and resistance to various ailments. It provides crucial support in challenging encounters, ensuring survivability.
  • Rotten Stray: The Rotten Stray ash is associated with necromantic powers. It enables the user to summon undead allies or control the undead, turning the tide of battles in their favor.


  • Finger Maiden Therolina: Finger Maiden Therolina’s ash is known for channeling dark energy. It grants the user access to shadow-based attacks and defensive maneuvers, providing an element of surprise and unpredictability in combat.
  • Depraved Perfumer Carmaan: The Depraved Perfumer Carmaan ash enhances the user’s sense of smell, allowing them to detect hidden enemies or traps. It provides valuable reconnaissance capabilities in challenging environments.

FP Requirements – Elden Ring: Mimic Tear Ashes Location

FP Requirements - Elden Ring Mimic Tear Ashes Location
Source: gamesradar

None (uses 50% of the player’s HP):

This particular spirit ash does not have a fixed FP requirement. Instead, it consumes 50% of the player’s HP when used. It adds a unique dynamic to gameplay, as players must carefully consider the cost of using this ash and weigh it against potential benefits.

FP requirement: 74:

This spirit ash requires 74 FP (Focus Points) to be used. FP is a resource that determines the usage of various skills, spells, and abilities in Elden Ring. Meeting the FP requirement allows players to effectively harness the power of this particular ash in combat or other situations.

FP requirement: 55:

With an FP requirement of 55, this spirit ash demands a moderate amount of Focus Points. Players must manage their FP reserves wisely to ensure they can utilize this ash’s abilities when required.

FP requirement: 86:

This spirit ash has a higher FP requirement of 86. It signifies the significance and potency of the ash’s abilities, making it a valuable asset in battles or specific scenarios where a greater investment of FP is required.

FP requirement: 110:

FP requirement 110
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The FP requirement of 110 for this spirit ash indicates that it possesses powerful and potentially game-changing abilities. Players must have a substantial amount of Focus Points available to utilize the potential of this ash fully.

FP requirement: 88:

With an FP requirement of 88, this spirit ash falls within the moderate to high FP consumption range. Players must carefully manage their FP reserves and strategically decide when to employ the unique powers bestowed by this ash.

Wrapping Up The Article:

The Ashes Tier List in Elden Ring provides a comprehensive ranking and categorization of ashes based on their energy and rarity. Each ash offers unique abilities and influences gameplay, from the formidable S-tier ashes to the resilient E-tier.

By understanding and harnessing the power of these ashes, players can navigate the world of Elden Ring with strategic precision, unlocking new depths of exploration and overcoming formidable challenges. Embark on an epic journey, master the ashes, and discover the true power within the realms of Elden Ring.

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